The mass migration of internet users from Desktops to Mobile Devices has changed the way we do business. Real-time updates of information are expected by users and customers both. This has led to the increase in Dynamics 365 CRM mobile users across all industries. And this goes for the Field Sales and Field Service professionals as well. Because when it comes to business, time is money and Field reps need to have access to their CRM data when on the move to create better opportunities and give higher outputs.

So, what can you do to help your Field reps get the best out of their Mobile CRM? Install Microsoft AppSource preferred Maplytics in their Mobile app.

Maplytics is the #1 locational intelligence app for Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (PowerApps). It is an effective maps integration solution that fulfills the demand for high-quality locational intelligence and geographic insights. Its seamless ability to adapt to your tablet or mobile devices allows users to have the mobility, flexibility and efficiency to use these visualizations along with many other features on the device of their choice!

Maplytics on Mobile will help Field Sales team in updating and synchronising information on the move. Sales reps carrying a tablet or smartphone can share real-time data from across the business while on the field. With Maplytics on mobile, they can plan their routes, get optimized routes, get nearby accounts, check-in/check-out in one click and get turn-by-turn navigation using google maps or waze app.

Let us see how on field sales and service professionals can benefit from Maplytics in their mobile app.

Easy access to your CRM data!

Getting started with Maplytics on mobile or tablet is simple! Using either Power Apps or Dynamics 365 CRM mobile app in Android or iOS device, user can login to their account and all their CRM data will be at their fingertips.

They can easily access, manage and execute the tasks assigned by their designated managers and increase their everyday output. To carry out these tasks, the field team is assigned a route by their managers which they can follow. For a field rep to visualize their route on the map, they select Maplytics app and this opens the Default dashboard where users can see today’s assigned routes.

#1 Route Planner for Field Reps!

Using the Detail Map feature of Maplytics, users can update any route while on field. Detail map offers advanced features to allows real-time adjustments and insights for the next course of action.

Proximity Search

With this feature, users can search records around their current location. To set any location as your current location when on mobile, use the Locate Me button. The user gets two options to select the proximity- Distance and Time.

When selecting Distance, users can set the travel distance either in miles or kilometres. Also, they can also select the ‘Show travel distance’ to get the shortest travel distance from the current location to each of the records within the proximity.

When selecting Time, they can set the travel distance in hours or minutes. Time can further be adjusted according to With Traffic or Without Traffic.

While performing proximity search, users can choose the data source from which they want to plot the records within the proximity. When selecting a view, they can select system views, dashboard views, marketing lists or even personalized views.

Easy Categorization and visualization of plotted records

Along with this, users can also categorize the date in order to focus on the required type of records that they can further visualize using colour coded pushpins belonging to different categories. Also, Layer Menu feature helps the users to visualize only the required data among the multiple data plotted on the map.

Update route by managing Waypoints and optimize routes

Users can see all the waypoints of the plotted route. They can easily rearrange the waypoints, delete a waypoint and perform many more actions as per their requirements. They can also add one of the records in the route right from the map itself and the route will be updated automatically. The updated route can be saved and updated so that manager can keep track of the activities.

Using Route Optimization feature, get the fastest and easiest way to reach to your customers. You can plot routes by using various features like shortest time, shortest distance, optimized direction and you can also plot routes in a way that allows you to avoid highways, toll routes and traffic if needed.

Get the most out of your day

Along the Route Search

Meeting cancelled, no worries! When on field, if the sales rep following a plotted route wants to add an extra record to the route to create an appointment, they can use the Along the Route Search feature of Maplytics. This feature helps when the sales rep on the field has some leisure time and want to maximize their output!

Perform Quick Action

While on field, user can open the record they are visiting right from the map and add some notes to it, like how many orders the client needs, summary of today’s meeting, etc. They can even add attachments, send emails, etc., right from the map using quick call to action buttons.

Keep the Sales Manager in loop!


Once the sales rep starts the route and reaches the location that they are assigned, they can simply use the Check-in button to register they have reached the work location and checked in. Once they are done with the work, they can use the check-out button to mark that they are done with the work. While checking in/out, they can also add notes, attachments and even update the check-in/out location if needed. This allows managers to keep a track of their rep’s location and also keep tabs on the work that is done throughout the day, week and so on.

Point of Interest location

Users can search for any geo-tagged locations called points of interest (POI) like ATMs, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, etc. near a specified location and plot them on the map or add any of the plotted POI records to the route.

Turn by Turn Navigations

Sales reps on field can view the complete route or get turn-by-turn navigations using either Google Maps or Waze App.

Mobile adoption will continue to grow and each and every organisation needs to have a mobile strategy now to become more flexible.

Maplytics is the new age solution to the age-old requirements like increasing productivity and gaining intricate insights. Plain intelligence is not enough to give you the competitive edge in today’s market, use Maplytics app to become locationally intelligent and transform your field and market presence!

To seize this opportunity and empower your productivity, you can visit our Maplytics website and even download a free 15 days trial.

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Stay Safe and be Locationally Intelligent!