A tradition as old as 1621 has been celebrated and nurtured through centuries and how! That is the importance of gratitude and thankfulness! It all began as a way of saying thank you to nature for an excellent harvest and to friends who helped in the entire process of harvesting but have established its importance across sections of life wherever the expression of gratitude counts.

Good Clients define good Products

Keeping up with a sweet tradition, Team Maplytics too would like to enter the spirit of Thanksgiving by expressing its appreciation for all those who matter! We would like to start with our wonderful clients and loyal partners without whom, our existence as a service-offering business would stand of no value. Thank You for being cooperative, loyal, appreciative, and at times, even critical. It was all essential for our growth, willingness to walk the extra mile, and embracing that zeal to serve you well. In the course of 2022, we enjoyed onboarding many new clients and partners and reconnected closely with the existing ones. It was a fruitful endeavor in the overall success and mutual progress! Hope the journey continues for eons and the trust remains un-dwindled!

The course of a Team depends on its members

It takes a village to nurture a child and an efficient team with smart team members to create, upgrade, and popularize a good product. Team Maplytics has been blessed with diverse members with varied ideas but congruent thinking when it comes to our popular geo-mapping app! Today is that day to thank the universe for this united team, their ever-readiness to solve a client query, out-of-box thinking on a client requirement/ suggestion, and all smiles, always. Cheers to the many events and other personal chores the Team must have put on hold because the client needed extra help!

A helping hand is worth 10 more than simply empathizing

Able leadership is extremely essential for a Team to stay united and succeed. A huge thank you to the Management at Inogic, our parent company for trusting Team Maplytics, always pushing it ahead, inspiring them to deliver more, and being on the move without being complacent. While acknowledging the efforts of the working committee, the support provided by the IT guys, admins, HRs, other support staff, etc. often goes unnoticed. However, a product team can only function when they are provided with a stable, friendly, and flexible work environment! Our heartfelt gratitude to these unsung heroes or the background stars.

Maplytics garners eyeballs within the community and attracts a steady flow of clients yearlong. This primarily is because of the exposure its awesome features receive on various community portals and other such platforms. This Thanksgiving, we would like to acknowledge the importance of the platforms such as CRM Software Blogs, MSDynamics World, Dynamics Communities, Bing Maps Blogs, and many more in garnering more eyeballs for Maplytics and being a catalyst in spreading its awareness further!

Giving back to the community is a lifestyle

Looking at the important events of 2022 for Team Maplytics, CRMUG, or the Community Summit, North America seems like a highlight of the season for us. Team Maplytics not only enjoyed entertaining numerous interested members at the booth and answering their queries about Maplytics, but also felt strong gratitude while delivering a special Partner Solution Showcase to a houseful show of interested members at the summit. The event was a complete success and a fitting laurel to our cap of achievements.

Thanksgiving has always been a celebration of giving back to the community. Team Maplytics found this opportunity with the Animals Relief Fund. With Maplytics and its features within Dynamics 365 CRM, the Animals Relief Fund plots the details of the rescue shelters from CRM records on the map. The shelters that need a fresh supply of animal food, medicines, and other supplies can be filtered out and visualized. Thus, it becomes easy for the volunteers at the NGO to reach the right shelters in need and aid them with the requirements. It gives Team Maplytics a sense of immense satisfaction on being able to contribute to reducing the suffering of homeless dogs and other rescue animals. We live to collect such good Karma.

Overall, 2022 was good for us and we thank it for being so. The aim for 2023 is to better the product, elevate its features, work harder as a Team, perform better, uplift the spirits, strategize to excel in our Customer Relationships, connect with new clients and partners, and give back to the community in abundance!

Thank You has just 2 words, but profound meaning. It could heal the hurt, brighten the dull, and ignite a want to do more among the hopeless! Yet, its use is very minimal. Let us try to inculcate ‘gratitude’ and ‘thankfulness’ in our business lifestyle!

Until then,

Be Thankful and enjoy your Pie!