Business organizations flourish by increasing their sales and Field Reps have the most remarkable contribution in closing sales deals with prospects. Besides, Field Reps also play a key role in increasing brand awareness of products. Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to equip Field Reps with the right technology and tools to improve their sales efficiency.

Sales efficiency is nothing but the measure of the speed of the sales operations. It indicates the time-frame in which the Sales Reps are converting prospects into customers and achieving sales targets. Here are four ways how Field Reps can improve Individual and Team Sales Performance:

Obtain locational insights of CRM data

It is necessary for any business organization to find the patterns present in their CRM data.  Getting locational insights of the CRM data will help the Reps to know about the location of their prospects and reach out to them. The locational analysis of data can also help the Field Reps to focus on the regions that require more attention. Further, CRM data contains the sentiment of your prospects and can be used for strategic planning by the Sales Team.

Get optimized route

Visiting customers consume a large chunk of the Field Reps’ time. According to a study, 25% of the constructive time of the Field Reps is wasted for not following an optimal route while visiting the customers. Whereas, following an optimal route will help the Reps to save time and money. Field Reps can get multi-stop routes along with time, direction and distance optimization by using a geo-spatial mapping app to visit all the clients in a day and that’s not it if any appointment is cancelled or postponed they can find another client nearby and make the best use of the time they have.

Sales Efficiency of the Field Reps

Perform quick actions on the go

When a Sales Rep is able to execute his tasks while on field, it provides him liberty to manage and perform his tasks more easily. Suppose a Sales Rep has got some spare time while on field and he can schedule an appointment with another prospect when on field from the CRM itself, then the Rep will be able to close more deals for the company. A geo-analytical mapping app can help the Reps to have access to their CRM data from their mobile phones while on the go and thereafter take actions like editing data of a record, adding a task to a record, report check-in when beginning a meeting and check-out at its end, etc.

Perform quick actions

Create effective sales territories

Business organizations create Sales Territories to effectively allocate their resources and thereby optimize their profits and uniformly distribute the workload to the Field Reps. Unbalanced Sales Territories can act as a roadblock for the Sales Reps to achieve their targets. Hence, it is essential for the business to easily manage Sales Territories and edit them whenever required. Moreover, organizations need to manage and align sales territory within Dynamics 365 effectively as per their business needs by using the right tools.

Create effective sales territories

Therefore, it can be concluded that the business organizations should invest in technology increasing Sales Productivity of Field Reps. This in turn will help organizations boost sales, achieve their sales targets and increase their return on investment.

Maplytics a geospatial mapping tool can play a great role in enhancing sales efficiency. Users can easily get locational data from their CRM records with the help of Maplytics. Additionally, Sales Managers using Maplytics can effortlessly edit their territories according to their specific needs. Field Reps can perform actions like creating an appointment, finding a Point of Interest location like Restaurants and Gas Stations, sending emails to leads, and many more from the field by using Maplytics within their mobile app.

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