Josh and Peter were up for the same promotion. It was the day of their final when Peter finished up his tasks and reached the conference room for the interview 15 minutes before the reporting time, dressed appropriately. The panelists were informed and they acknowledged. Josh, however, came sprinting in 10 minutes after the interview time with a half-tucked-in shirt and messy hair. He blamed it on traffic but was confident that his extensive experience would cover up for it. The panelists interviewed both but ended Josh’s interview 15 minutes early stating that he could use the extra time at hand to reach the place of his next task in time. Peter got the promotion.

It is not always that a person may be understood/ judged after having a good conversation. It is not always that everybody gets a second chance, it is not always that an opportunity strikes twice. Hence, making the best of the first chance and having a lasting first impression is extremely wise. Peter may have gained brownie points for his punctuality but he surely won the panelists over with his equally befitting skills and knowledge. According to Sonya Parker, “Almost everyone will make a good first impression, but only a few will make it a good, lasting one!”

Team Maplytics understands the importance of lasting first impressions, especially for field reps, and hence, has incorporated certain fine lines within its features to aid the users in every possible manner. Maplytics, the flagship product of Inogic is your go-to geo-mapping app within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. With the power of location intelligence, Maplytics eases out the process of data visualization on the map, pre-scheduling of meetings, sales territory management, generating optimized routes, and so on within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Let us see how Maplytics uniquely helps with maps integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Scheduling meetings in advance

Being well-organized is the first step toward having an impression as well begun is half done. Thus, scheduling client meetings well in advance and following the schedule thoroughly assures the clients that the rep and his organization are interested in the business and are prepared for the meeting. It also can be interpreted as a balanced span of attention divided among all the clients and all of them being a priority. After all, everybody wants attention! Auto Scheduling within Maplytics is apt for this.

Finding convenient meeting spots

If meetings are to be held outside the client’s location, finding the right meeting spots is a must. The place should be formal, should allow long hours of use, free Wi-Fi, Charging, food and beverages, and if needed, a private conference room would be an added advantage. If such a convenient spot is near the client’s office/ home, nothing like it. Using POI Location, such convenient, easy-to-reach, all-inclusive meeting places in terms of cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc can be plotted and booked. In case the client is traveling, the locations could be searched for near the Airport with minimum stress for the client. Showing care for clients’ convenience and ease is an important step in potentially sealing a business.

Optimizing travel routes

Meetings are often delayed as the participating members are stuck in traffic, are backtracked, or are completely lost in their routes. This not only eats up into the crunch time of the pre-scheduled meetings but also leaves discussions incomplete. Often listening to excuses such as, ‘the rep is stuck in traffic, ‘the rep has lost his route’, ‘the rep is delayed due to a roadblock’, etc. leaves a bad taste. It gives the impression of misjudged timing or lenient behavior toward a meeting. Thus, having end-to-end navigation directions with an optimized route is ever-essential. Using the Optimized travel routes derived from Maplytics to client/meeting locations helps traveling reps reach the meetings in time, save fuel, and leave an impression with punctuality and preparedness.

Tracking reps in real-time

Imagine a client awaiting a rep for a meeting at a meeting location and the rep being 30 minutes late for a 60-minute meeting. It would be worrisome if the rep cannot be contacted and nobody is aware of their whereabouts. With Real-time tracking, the whereabouts of the reps could be traced immediately and the client could at least be made aware of the crux the rep is stuck in. Similarly, the rep that is traced out to be nearest to a particular client could be contacted in case of an ad hoc requirement and redirected there urgently for quick services. Wouldn’t the client be grateful in such a situation, especially if it is a request for a power fallout or buzzed fuse?

Searching multiple addresses

Maplytics allows multiple addresses of a particular client to be plotted simultaneously. Similarly, the office visuals could be viewed by hovering over the account pushpins. This would be handy when a rep needs to display data during a client presentation and wants a quick view.

Customizing Dashboards for effective communication

The Dashboard views can be customized as per the user’s requirements for quick access within Maplytics. This would aid users during client meetings when probably they need to show a concentration of their target group, area-wise sale of products, most revenue-generating areas, and so on! Quick, graphical, informative, and legible Dashboards are always a dream!

Reporting post meetings

During a sales pitch, if a client demands certain detailed stats of a particular sales territory, the rep could add them in notes and share them with the team in the office. The Team could quickly collate the details and mail the required findings to the rep/ client before the end of the meeting or within a few hours after the meeting. The ease of using Maplytics allows the reps to report from the spot or while being on the go thereby generating faster results.

Balancing Sales Territories

The use of Maplytics promotes the formation of balanced sales territories. The territories can be edited in case new clients are added. This not only helps in maintaining a good work-life balance but also helps in prioritizing the clients evenly so that all the clients feel they are important and are receiving equal rep time.

Many a time, it takes a lifetime to form a good rapport or a strong bond with a client. Several little steps and many thoughtful actions ultimately formalize or seal a relationship that needs to be nurtured at every instance. A little technical assistance to smooth the operations and ease the workload is always appreciated. Maplytics has many unfathomed applications that could be explored for ever-lasting impressions over clients, users, and businesses, et al.

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