Whattttt! You must be kidding me! It is December already?? How is that possible? I remember I just had my Halloween décor up and you say it is December! Noohhhh!!, screeched Noa upon checking the mail on his computer screen about ‘Welcome December- the month of giving!’ His colleague, Tisha, bewildered, looked at his antics and finally said, “Hey, stop being so dramatic, okay?” “It is just, December, the last month of 2022!”

“I know, right, Noa finally composed himself and spoke. “I’ll have my family over for the holidays and I’ve not even started the prep. I wish there was some shop, some app, something that we could use, like a one-stop shop and get things sorted.” “Yeah! I agree, that would have been great!”, Tisha chipped in. Hearing this, Tom who had been enjoying Noa’s drama quietly and who worked extensively with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM spoke up with a quick thought. He added, “there is a tool, that we use within CRM called Maplytics, which helps in using location intelligence to plot client records on the map and analyze those geographically. I think that tool would have been perfect if all the vendors too would have been registered on CRM and using it. “

Tisha and Noa sprinted toward Tom, hearing this, and pleaded to know how Maplytics, the popular geo-mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource could aid them in planning Christmas at the last moment. Tom chuckled and said, “let’s see”. “The bare essential things needed for Christmas are-

  1. Christmas Tree
  2. Décor Items
  3. Food
  4. Gifts
  5. Hotel/ Travel Reservations
  6. Car Rentals, we’ll start with these first”

Christmas Tree

Christmas tree

“Do you go to a farm and freshly cut your Christmas Tree?”

“No, I get a pre-cut one from a store”, said Noa

“I get a fake tree, no needles, no leaves, no messy house”, responded Tisha

“All right then, smart, so a Departmental Store shall work. So, if we put this as our location of Interest and search for Departmental Store, voila! Here are our nearest options. So, we can choose one and collect our Christmas Trees from here, today, while going home from the office. Ain’t cool?”

intelligent use of location-based technology 1

“Oh my God!” That is genius, Tom. We can get the Christmas décor as well from here”, screamed Noa.

Christmas Décor


“We can also check out more such stores, plot them on the map and plot their directions from our office. This way, you can check something out every day with quick navigation directions and collect every décor item you want! You can even call them up before visiting and see if they have, say candy cane fairy lights in stock!”, educated Tom.

intelligent use of location-based technology 2

“I’m doing just this. No way am I gonna miss out on the Inflated Santa and Rudolf this year for my driveway”, chimed Tisha excitedly.


“I cook elaborate meals and need a Grocery Store to stock my pantry. I need to check the food I am picking and cannot rely on Online Services”, said Noa

“Here, Grocery stores nearest to us. Boot your car, go there, stock up, and have a Weekend to do other chores and not shop in crowded stores”, explained Tom

intelligent use of location-based technology 3

“That’s perfect! I’ll give driving directions to my husband too, from his office and he can join me”, Tisha rejoiced.



“I think I’ll check out the two bookstores for a hardcover copy of Pride and Prejudice that I wish to gift my Tween niece”.

intelligent use of location-based technology 4

Of course, my sister and brother-in-law will be getting their Electronics, Clothing Pieces, and favorite coffees handpicked and tested by me this year!”, announced Tom gleefully.

intelligent use of location-based technology

“Jeez Yes! Everything is just so near us. What was I doing all this while?” lamented Noa.

Hotel/ Travel Reservations


“I’m new in the city and my parents will travel to me this year”, said Noa.

Well, then you can check out the nearest Airport and even hotels along the way for pit stops in case they are traveling by road. Let me show you”, said Tom.

intelligent use of location-based technology
intelligent use of location-based technology

“Not to forget the travel directions. I feel so empowered. It is like I can finally think of taking my solo trip using all these directions and places of interest to aid me”, added Tisha. “You can use it all on your phone too, do not forget the Dynamics 365 CRM App for Mobiles and Tablet”, educated Tom.

Car Rental


intelligent use of location-based technology

“Here, you wanna book your rental car right away and enjoy the holidays roaming”, teased Tom, and Noa and Tisha laughed their hearts out.

All three of them felt joyous that something was shaping up for their Christmas plans at the last minute and it looked bright and hopeful. They felt thankful that their company had subscribed to Maplytics and hence, they could use it in times of need. Well, we also hope that Noa, Tisha, and Tom have an amazing time planning their Christmas using Maplytics but it also goes on to show that Christmas prep is a very minuscule part of a lifetime that Maplytics can be availed for. Imagine the infinite possibilities across industries and businesses Maplytics could be applied for in this manner! Be it Healthcare, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance, Information Technology, Chemicals, Construction, etc. the possibilities are infinite. How would you use it? This smells like an amazing beginning to the season of Joy!

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Until then,

Smile, coz ‘tis the season to be jolly!