It is time to celebrate at the headquarters of Team Maplytics. Maplytics is among the very first software applications and the first geo-analytical application to receive the esteemed badge of ‘Solution Partner with Certified Software’ on Microsoft AppSource.

Certified software designations provide an opportunity to better connect with customers and to unlock additional benefits from Microsoft. Partners can

  1. differentiate their software solutions in areas of high customer demand,
  2. increase their discoverability in the commercial marketplace,
  3. connect with more customers, and
  4. take advantage of marketing and branding resources designed to help them accelerate their revenue in a rapidly growing market

These designations distinguish a software solution’s specific capabilities and help customers identify solutions for their business needs.

The badge is added to the Maplytics Product Page on Microsoft AppSource.

Maplytics certified software
What is the significance of a Certified Software Badge?

Microsoft recognizes the need for a unique business model, size, and stage of growth for each partner to succeed. To better support those who develop software, Microsoft continues to invest in benefits, resources, and initiatives that meet them where they are through its Microsoft AI Cloud Partner Program.

To help businesses build smarter from day one, they have created the Microsoft for Startups Founders Hub to support founders from idea to exit with Microsoft Azure credits, expert guidance, developer tools, and access to trusted partners.

Through ISV Success, Microsoft provides benefits and resources, including cloud credits, software licenses, developer tools, and consultations, that help partners build, publish, in their Marketplace, and grow well-architected software solutions on the Microsoft Cloud.

Who has Microsoft rewarded these badges to?

Eligibility for the badges is based on several criteria including commercial marketplace transactability (for applicable offers), a technical review of the solution’s interoperability with the Microsoft Cloud, a demonstrated track record of customer success, and more. More details of the eligibility criteria are available in this article.

List of a few benefits of attaining a certified software designation

Benefits provided upon attainment of a certified software designation include-

  1. Customer-facing badging: When a partner becomes a Solutions Partner with certified software, their solution will be shown as certified software on the Microsoft commercial marketplace including Azure Marketplace and Microsoft AppSource. This badge matters, 68% of customers searching for software solutions evaluate vendor certifications and badging when making purchasing decisions.
  2. Microsoft solution play cards: Designed to facilitate relevant and easy discovery by Microsoft sellers, use these cards to highlight the scenarios your software solution addresses.
  3. Nurture assets, emails, and call scripts: Partners can use these assets, emails, and scripts to drive demand and increase sales funnels for their solution and its certification.
  4. Customer-facing solution briefs: Outlines a summary of your solution with use cases and value propositions tailored to each partner’s target audience for use in various go-to-market strategies, which can be customized to reflect their unique brand.
  5. Marketing concierge: Access subject matter experts who can assist with available marketing benefits and guidance with the fulfillment process—helping ensure partners experience the full benefits of becoming a Solutions Partner with certified software.
  6. Enhanced Microsoft seller discoverability: A solution will show as certified software in Microsoft seller platforms to help when the sellers are searching for solutions.

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be moulded into any role. It makes map integration within Dynamics 365 look seamless. Radius Search, Route Mapping, and more have become super easy to use. To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the team.

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Until then,

Happy Certification!