Imagine your sales representative is on his way to visit a company and suddenly the client gives him a buzz for asking him to meet at a coffee shop. Don’t worry... Maplytics would help him to ride easy by searching such nearby places on the map. It’s then the time to impress your client when the sales rep is confident of being ahead of time. Quite evident, it’s no more a waste of time moving around every nook and corner of the city searching for that coffee shop.

Whether it is an airport, coffee shop, restaurant or a gas station, a click on one of the available icons on the menu displays places on the map instantly. Just in case you have a different location in your mind which doesn’t seem to fit the search criteria, it is only then that you need to key in.

There could be many purposes for which ‘POI search’ can be used. For instance, your sales rep might use the tool to find a restaurant or a quiet place to call an ad hoc meeting for his peers or find new leads for business.

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