Maplytics has enlisted itself as the basic building block of many organizations globally using Dynamics 365 CRM or PowerApps and is also the Preferred Solution on Microsoft AppSource. With the robust mapping features it offers, enterprises have derived core mapping functionalities of their businesses quickly. In our recent release we have introduced PCF (PowerApps Component Framework) and therefore, made Maplytics even more powerful than it was before.

But we didn’t stop there, we keep coming up with periodic enhancements in order to refine Maplytics’s functionality. Up till now, we have updated the functionality of Maplytics with frequent releases and in our recent release, we also came up with another powerful functionality to reduce the loading time of plotting records on the map.

With the October release of Maplytics users get data on map plotted with lesser loading time. Let’s see how it benefits the organizations:

  1. Quick Visualization: Data can be plotted very quickly on the map and therefore the turnaround time is reduced. This way the whole business speeds up and lesser time is devoted in waiting for the visualization of Dynamics 365 data.

  2. Strategizing Better: Since the visual analysis is faster the manager and top-level personnel can view the data quickly and are able to strategize their business pan better.

  3. Better Relative Analysis: Relative analysis is faster with quick plotting of data thereby making the management. Since a lot of time is saved the analysis and visualization are also improved.

  4. Quick Decisions: Decisions can be made more quickly and in sync with plotted data on the go. Faster visualization helps the team in better communication and helps in spearheading in the right direction.

  5. Performance Chart: Performance graph rises and every employee or user is able to perform to the best of their capability.

Therefore, in this release, we have improved the performance and loading time by introducing many amendments one of which is Refresh Entity Metadata which needs to be clicked just once.

So, what is refresh entity maps? While loading entity metadata the names in different languages are called while loading and new data is updated.

Therefore, both our existing clients and new ones are able to extract maximum benefit and perform faster and better in all aspects.

If you are still using the old solution, learn how to upgrade to the new solution from AppSource here.

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Till then Happy Mapping!