There are several scenarios where inside sales representatives book appointments within Dynamics CRM while field representatives have to visit these customers. Coordination between field salespeople and inside salespeople plays a crucial role in such situations. Maplytics™ new version is adept to help in such situations with its new Save and Share route functionality. This new functionality enables Dynamics 365 users to save scheduled routes as a Dynamics CRM activity, which can be shared through an email as well. This way, sales reps can schedule multiple appointments with customers, create an optimized route for it, and share it with his associate field sales person via email. Let us see how it works.

Steps to Save and Share Optimized Route:

Please follow the below-mentioned steps to save and share optimized route using Maplytics.

  1. Add multiple data points into the direction manager and build a route. The user can further optimize route or see traffic data using different Options as shown in the screenshot below;

save and share route within Dynamics 365

  1. Click on email option as shown in the screenshot below


  1. This will open up email template with a short link for the route. Links are different for Desktop and Tablet/Mobile access. Choose any record from Dynamics 365 to share this route.

34. If the user wants to save this route for future reference to be accessed on some other day, please click on ‘Save’ button as shown in the screenshot below;

Optimized Route Dynamics CRM

  1. Fill in the details like Name, Date, and Owner. Owner field can be used when you like to assign this route to any other Dynamics CRM user for sharing directions within Dynamics CRM.

Route optimization Dynamics CRM

  1. Now in order to access Saved Route, please fill in the date range and click on ‘Search’ to find the list of all saved route between the defined date range.

Route Planning Solution Dynamics CRM

  1. Click on the route name to repopulate the route.

Route Mapping Dynamics CRM


Organizations come across several new challenges while handling Sales activities. It is important to take significant steps for improving business strategies. Maplytics™ is an innovative solution, which integrates Map and Dynamics CRM letting users take insightful actions. Saving and sharing routes to sales reps is one of these insightful and important actions.

Download Maplytics from website to explore more! Maplytics is also available on AppSource!