Once again, arrives the most cherished and wonderful time of the year! It is Christmas time! The joy of Christmas is in gifts and surprises and we too have a surprise for you. Before that, the entire team at Maplytics™ would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a wonderful year ahead! As we have been saying, why use Maps just for your personal use. It is time to think ahead and use Maps for your Dynamics 365/CRM for a better visualization of your data and experience customer interactions in a much faster and smarter way.


2016 has been a remarkable year for Dynamics CRM users! Maplytics had two major releases – May & August! With these releases, we re-imagined your favorite Maplytics in a completely new Avatar with many promising features in it. Maplytics has been a preferred mapping solution for many Dynamics 365 users. With its intuitive mapping features, it lets users visualize Dynamics CRM data on map allowing users to take insightful actions. Your great feedback has helped us to build the most loving features like routing capabilities, territory management, building marketing list, POI searches, and many more.

We are not stopping here, be ready for many exciting announcements to come in 2017! For us, it will be another exciting year as we are working on several new features for Maplytics. New Year comes with New Maplytics Release! Call it Santa’s goodies or New Year surprise; we promise that in the coming year you will get to see much-awaited features in your favorite mapping solution.

Maplytics will now speak your language with its Multi-language support; it will help in drilled-down analysis by plotting CRM related records, and will save your time by saving Proximity-search as a template. This is just the start of 2017, and we already have some more exciting features lined up to give you that analytical power to know your data in Dynamics CRM.

There is no better time than now to say Thank You to all our Customers and Partners! It is your trust and continued support, which motivates us to think hard and come up with new features. Once again, we wish you all Merry Christmas and a wonderful holiday season and look forward to have another spontaneous year ahead.

Let’s make customers for life – Team @Maplytics!