Since the location component for any business has been taken into consideration, organizations have monitored higher growth. Keeping the location factor in mind Maplytics has map Dynamics 365 data which is inclusive of Leads and clients on map. This rich mapping of clients and prospects on map is a direct indication of a visual insight that opens up large opportunities for Dynamics 365 CRM users. Wonder how seamlessly business will be able to perform by being able to visualize how and where the clients and leads are coming from and taking steps to improve the same.

Given its advanced mapping and geo-analytics, Maplytics has been awarded the badge of CfMD i.e. Certified for Microsoft Dynamics. Maplytics has been of great utility to multiple verticals and fetched a high ROI thus making it a loved app amongst Dynamics community. Let’s explore how it has been of aid to Sales, Service and Marketing verticals.


Sales forms the backbone of any business. For any business to thrive, clients are the most important factor. By visualizing the territories and analysing how each territory is performing the managers can come up with strategies that improve the overall Sales of that area. They can allot tasks to the sales reps who can attend appointments created with the help of appointment planner and visit them with Optimized routes with turn by turn navigation to Google Maps and Waze App.

visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM data on map

Managers can also visualize where their Leads are coming from on map with the help of personalized pushpins and therefore launch campaigns to improve the leads where there is low performance. They can also plot proximities up to three radii with the help of Maplytics to see all the leads and prospects within the vicinity to understand the possibility of positive effects of the campaign and assign tasks to the sales reps based on their current location to make the campaign successful.


Alike Sales, to retain the clients, it is mandatory they are provided with optimum Service. If a client is offered proper service they become a returning customer and also improve the brand image of an organization with word of mouth. For this, Area of Service can be plotted on map to visualize nearby service centres for a customer. By locating the nearest service centre the manager is able to assign the task to him so that the service person can follow optimized route using Maplytics and hence provide the required services to the customer.

visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM data on map

It is also significant to see the service territories on map and see the workload assigned to each service rep. In case one of the reps is assigned greater number of service requests than other, the territories can be balanced and all the reps can be assigned equal workload therefore giving each rep equal opportunity to perform. This therefore, in return improves the customer service and field service of an organization.


Marketing is the first step towards acquiring a lead. With the help of marketing campaigns there is an influx of leads which are pursued by Sales reps in order to convert them into clients. The greater the number of leads, greater chance of acquiring more number of clients. While analysing a sales territory, if the Sales manager finds that one of the regions is not performing up to the mark, he can create a marketing list which can be followed up by marketing manager to launch targeted marketing campaigns for.

visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM data on map

With the help of marketing campaigns the organization is able to fetch more number of clients and improve the business. A proper formulated marketing strategy with the help of analyzing territories helps in improving the overall Sales and therefore proves to be a strategic source of improving the ROI for the organization.

Therefore, you have seen how Sales, Service and Marketing form the basic building block of a business and without their synchronization it becomes difficult for a business to flourish. By visualization on map, all these elements can not only be analysed, but also improved with right strategies.

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