It is true that work is extremely demanding today. There are abnormally long hours, unhealthy eating and sitting habits, intangible work targets, and immense pressure for unfathomable results. However, now people themselves have started realizing the value of life. There is an awareness that life is not granted to be spent only on accumulating wealth, praises, or appreciation but also to be enjoyed, felt, and lived. Hence, in spite of the unnatural workload, people today are making time for their family, health, and themselves. The hours are being set aside contentiously for sports, gym, yoga, meditation, family time, vacations, hobbies, etc. from the mundane schedules. Many aware and conscious enterprises and businesses too have realized the importance and are providing facilities accordingly to the employees.

Many business organizations today have set up fixed in and out timings and restricted overtime for all the employees. People are granted permission for working from home or anywhere, permanently to avoid excessive traveling. Many organizations have gyms, aerobics, yoga, and Zumba batches exclusively for the employees before, after, or in-between the working hours with certified trainers at discounted rates. Group insurances, individual insurances with family cover, paid vacations, company vacations, luncheons, family days, annual functions, contests, etc. too, are some of the amazing facilities encouraged and provisioned by large organizations to reset a work-life balance. The quarterly health check-up camps, blood donation camps, organ donation pledging camps, and inter-departmental sports meets also form an important part of employee recreation.

Being an all-inclusive, user-friendly product developed to make the daily operations and work lives of the business employees easy, Maplytics wholeheartedly contributes to a business’s attempts at reiterating and establishing the right work-life balance among its employees. Maplytics is a 5-star rated, multi-language, preferred, app on the Microsoft AppSource that harnesses the power of locational intelligence to align sales territories, optimize travel routes, track field reps in real-time, and more. The noteworthy features aid the users to be organized and balanced, always!

Pre- Scheduling

One of the most in-demand features of Maplytics is Auto Scheduling. This allows appointment plans to be pre-scheduled for weeks in advance. With the plans in place, the reps can know and plan their free slots and manage their personal chores and activities freely. With re-scheduling to accommodate ad hoc plans in place, auto-scheduling allows users to shuffle their meetings, and avail of free slots for movie time, family time, vacation, festivities, events, etc. With a fixed start and end time, employees can even fix up their exercise schedules and other fun activities for the long- term.


Schedules are necessary but reaching for these scheduled plans on time is equally important. With optimized routing, Maplytics helps users avoid traffic, tolls, wrong direction, missed navigation, etc. This assures that the reps are punctual, leave the meeting on time, save time, and fuel, and aren’t stressed in the unnecessary traffic spread routes. The time thus saved can be utilized as personal time!

Finding places along the way

At times the pre-planned meetings get canceled and the reps have a free slot. They could utilize that slot to accommodate a meeting from the next day or any other day. The reps could find the clients at a specific distance from their current location and arrange a meet with them. The reps could even search for gas stations, cafes, restaurants around them quickly and avail the services.

Personalized Views

With personalization available as a trait, the dashboards or the views available for the reps could be customized as per requirement. With this, the reps need not spend excessive time in generating their views again and again but can utilize the pinned ones and get done with their tasks quickly.

On-the-go Check-ins

With on-the-go check-ins and checkouts famously flaunted with Maplytics, the reps on the field need not report back to the office after their meetings. They can check in to a meeting and out of it easily, from the meeting location itself using their phones/ tablets. Any important instructions, files, notes, or attachments can also be sent back to the office colleagues using this option. Thereby saving a lot of time and aiding quick action.

A balanced life with fun, family, and work equally managed is a sign of sustainability, longevity, progress, and peace. Maplytics has a lot of scope in aiding clients and partners in establishing the same in their businesses.

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