With gas prices reaching $6 per gallon in the USA, the balance sheet of many organizations has also gone for a toss. Organizations are just scratching their heads to scale back these costs and also increase the top line. Additionally, higher fuel prices are considered the main driver of inflation in Europe. In May, consumer prices in the euro area rose by an average of 8.1%. compared to a 7.4 percent increase a month earlier. Imagine if nations take that kind of hit how would fuel prices affect your organization. In organizations from sales to logistics, everyone is fuel dependent to stay on track. Business logistics costs alone rose to 22% in 2021, as per Wall Street Journals’ new article.

Behind every breakthrough could be a strategy to avoid optimizing fuel usage. Fuelling costs account for a large percentage of the company’s profits. Organizations are making the most of today’s transportation technology through careful route mapping in Dynamics CRM to avoid unnecessary driving and save fuel. Maplytics helps reduce fuel costs by providing reps with clear, interactive directions, reducing out-of-route miles, and increasing fuel efficiency. Maplytics offers Route optimization in Dynamics CRM with features like Appointment Planning, Territory Management, and Assignment, Heat Maps Visualization, Real-Time Tracking of Field Technicians, Optimized Route Planning, Land Area Mapping, Location Insights, Analytical Dashboards, Truck Routing & Census Data Visualization.

Alom is an organic food company that is part of the growing US food industry. With various retailers as its clients, Alom delivers food to various parts of the US. With increasing clients and business, the organization is facing difficulty in the delivery process with the ever-increasing fuel prices, scarce resources available, and scattered clients. With less to no structure in Delivery processes, many employees act based on their perceptions which may generate failures and wastage.  Also, not all roads accommodate trucks and other commercial vehicles. Knowing real-time traffic routes for larger vehicles is essential and also helps cut down transportation costs immensely.

With the pressure to survive and meet growing customer needs, Alom integrated Maplytics into their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Maplytics Truck Routing for Dynamics 365 is considered to be the most effective solution for Alom since it adopts a more efficient practice of plotting truck routes on a real-time basis. With inbuilt features like Locate me button, Alom’s managers can plot the driver’s current mobile GPS location and get the flexibility to make changes to the route accordingly. With Aloms scattered clients, Maplytics helps to optimize routes for complex transportation routes with multiple stops. With Maplytics Truck routing, Alom can plot Optimized Route in Dynamics 365 for trucks on the map with details of organic foods carried and other details to save valuable time and money.

optimizing fuel consumption

Now with the logistics taken care of, Alom needs help with the salesperson. Post-pandemic the client’s behaviour has also drastically changed and so have the meeting places, making forecasting more difficult. From hospitals to the nearby coffee house, Maplytics with its POI features helps organizations help to get Turn by Turn Navigation in Dynamics 365 CRM to ensure they have the right products at the right time with minimal waste. Just with a single click, the reps can select their current location as the starting point and the route will be calculated for the reps with step-by-step directions within their Microsoft Dynamic 365 CRM. With Maplytics, Alom minimized the routes that their sales reps travel.

The wonderful thing today is compatibility, with Maplytics route can be easily viewed with either mobile, tablet, or desktop.  With just a flick of a finger, users can easily perform actions like Route Optimization, Plot Records, Concentric Proximity Search, Along the Route Search, POI Locations, and check Heat maps & entity maps on a real-time basis.

optimizing fuel consumption

With Maplytics at its disposal organizations have transformed navigation into a strategic tool for savings on their gas bills. Maplytics with its advanced options have led to enhanced opportunities through navigation improvement and reduced fuel usage. In the meantime, companies bold enough to reinvent their daily activities now are reaping the benefits as they are less susceptible to disruptions and can operate more effectively. Here, we at Maplytics team, ensure that with our locational intelligence, organizations’ sales and profitability get a boost and encourage growth.

Route planning and Truck routing is just the start with Maplytics.  If your business plans the integration of Maps within Dynamics 365 CRM and needs some consultation on ‘How to enable Maps for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?’, then get in touch with team Maplytics™ by emailing us at crm@inogic.com.

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