Have a Prosperous 2018

2019 is right at your doorstep and so are we with our sack of goodies! Yes, it is that time of the year!

At Maplytics, we can’t express our excitement with how this year has panned out for both of us. You have inspired us throughout the year with your remarkable feedback and requests. As a token of gratitude, here we are, all buckled up to make your holiday season even more thrilling taking care of your mapping needs for Dynamics 365 CRM.

2018 has been an extraordinary year as we came up with massive releases to optimize your experience with Maplytics – the one stop mapping solution for you, our Dynamics 365 CRM users. As we anticipated, you are prepping for the festive season decked with good wishes, while we are already here with our intuitive features to take care of your Mapping needs.

Let’s delve deep and have a highlight of the major features introduced in 2018 that will make your holiday season even merrier! Here we go –

1) Concentric Proximity Search: As we know, Proximity Search is a prominent and popular feature of Maplytics for Dynamics 365 CRM! It has exposed sales reps to an easy and quick way to search nearby records. The proficiency of this feature was further enhanced when the sales reps impressed by its functionality, asked to search for more than one record in proximity, thus giving birth to Concentric Proximity Search. Concentric Proximity Search allows looking for up to three records in proximity of current location.

2) Along the Route Search: This feature facilitates the sales reps to find the nearest records within given distance along the route in which meetings are scheduled. In case some meeting gets cancelled, the sales rep can simply search for records nearby that location along the path. All records as per search criteria gets displayed and the sales rep can choose the convenient record from the result.

3) Auto Scheduling: Managers can now plan an optimized route for their field professionals in Dynamics 365 CRM. All they need to do is enter the starting location, start & end timings, and working days etc. With this advanced feature a scheduled route is displayed for multiple days for the field reps automatically. Here, Manager can also create activities and routes for the sales people.

4) Territory Management: Now you can create territories right through the map and also align them. In order to create territories you need to select regions from plotted shape files, excel files, regions or drawn shapes. You can also search by region on the basis of City, State, Country, etc. or by drawing a shape on the map using fully custom drawing tool. Also, we have added a very powerful feature to move/copy geographies which gives Managers the ability to achieve balanced distribution of territories and work load for sales people in a more effective manner.

5) Heat Map with Pie and Column chart: Heat Map measures the heat of data spread geographically on the map. Now, we have enhanced its functionality by adding Pie/Column Chart. These charts provide extraordinary comparative analysis to the Heat Map feature thereby expediting the decision making capacity.

6) Security Template: This feature empowers the Managers to control what actions to assign to which user. For instance, the Manager enlists certain actions and makes a template of it. Later, they assign this template to specific users thereby controlling what actions can be executed by which user.

7) Overlay Layer: Overlay feature gives you the power to visualize Dynamics 365 CRM data on the map for the shape files and territories plotted, as well as it gives you the ability to visualize your Dynamics 365 CRM data in a flexible manner. Using Overlay, you will now be able to plot records along with any shape file or territories in the form of layers. You can also toggle between these layers using another powerful feature of Maplytics, Layer Menu.

8) Contextual Search: Whenever you need to search records in context to any record’s location, you have to enter the details in map. With Auto Search Window this functionality has been optimized. Now, you can save your contextual search criteria in the Auto search window with this feature and the saved search criteria will be used to display the respective results.

9) Shape Operations: Maplytics provides the ability to draw multiple shapes on map. But, what if you want to perform binary operations on these shapes? Problem solved! With our latest release, you can perform binary operations like Difference, Intersection, Union, Union Aggregate, and Disjunctive Union on the shapes.

10) Navigation Links for routes for turn by turn navigation: We also made it more convenient for the Field Sales and Service reps to navigate on the go. How, let’s see – Maplytics allows visualizing Dynamics 365 CRM records on the map, schedule the intended appointments, and optimize routes to visit scheduled appointments.

To enable the field professionals to redirect themselves on the map, we came up with an option of navigation links for routes from waypoints A-B, B-C, C-D and so on, in a pop up window in devices. So, Field Sales or Service Rep can access these links on their device, and redirect themselves to Google Maps App. This augments the navigation process and makes it easier for the field reps.

These are the prominent features that have set a milestone in 2018. Rest assured, we are under process to make your 2019 even better with even more noteworthy features coming up!

So, enjoy your New Year to the core and make optimum use of the mapping tool. Team Maplytics wishes you a Very Happy New Year and continues to work on Location technology to make your geo-analytical experience even better in future!

Happy Mapping! Ciao!