‘Awareness promotes avenues, improves understanding, and influences action’- a wise woman

The awareness of oneself, one’s requirements, needs, too has upscaled in the world of wants! The general awareness about health and the benefits of leading a healthy lifestyle has evolved an entire generation. The room for gymnasiums, health supplements, fitness gear, healthy food outlets, etc. has thus, expanded.

The Fitness Industry has been growing at a rate of 8.7% per year for the past few years.

This expansion has evolved into a successful industry and a potential business.

Influence of Geographical Locations on Businesses

Geography in terms of demographics, regional accessibility, resource availability, and demand influences any business. The Business of Fitness ain’t an exception.

Maplytics, the 5-star rated geo-mapping app of the Microsoft AppSource is a flag bearer for businesses willing to harness the power of spatial geography and location intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. So, does it find its application in the world of fitness? Let’s find out.

Gymnasiums, the leading contributor to the Business of Fitness

39% of American adults have gym memberships– says a survey conducted by an American advisory and career expert organization

A one-stop shop for complete body training is how gyms are often looked at. These places are single outlets or chains. A gym owner takes a lot of factors into consideration while setting up gyms. The primary ones are,

  1. The cost and type of land
  2. Demographics of the people around the land
  3. Suppliers Proximity
  4. Traveling facilities
  5. Return On Investment
Cost and Type of Land selection for Gym setups

The kind of region affects the cost of land. With Maplytics, the gym owner, say, Todd, who is on a journey of chain expansion can view his existing gyms on the map. All existing gyms could give him an idea of the targeted land regions he has considered so far. In case Todd is a new owner, he could visualize and plot the gyms of his competition and check their chosen areas. Informed decisions could be taken based on the Geographical Visualization of Data within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Todd could also utilize the feature of Land Area Mapping to map the potential gym lands as agricultural lands, water resources, etc. With the upcoming feature of Maplytics, called area of service, Todd could analyze the surrounding region/ territory of his existing gyms or his competitor’s gyms to gauge the area of business they cover.

Location Intelligence
Demographics of the Target Group around the shortlisted Land

If a gym will sell memberships depends on the quality of equipment and the willingness of the people around the area to actually work out. Knowing the demographics is thus essential. The sex ratio, the age group, the kind of fitness activities followed the general health chart, life expectancy, etc.

If Todd is to use Maplytics to review these factors, he could utilize the Census Area Mapping Feature, map the latest Census data of the country with the CRM data in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, and analyze the population around the lands he’s considering for the gyms.

Location Intelligence

A visualization of trekking spots around the area could also give a brief on the general enthusiasm toward physical activity.

The proximity of the Suppliers from the shortlisted Land

A gym needs good modern equipment, regular maintenance, and immediate repairs. Suppliers of quality equipment at fair rates, quick turnaround for the demand of products, ability to import if needed, and assured after-sales are a boon to have.

Todd, in this case, can pick the locations for the gyms as his Point Of Interest and plot the suppliers around, he could check the quantity of the ones nearby and expand the tooltip cards to analyze their business strength, revenue, pricing, etc. It could help in shortlisting the areas near the suppliers or the ones within the scope of business of particular suppliers.

Location Intelligence
Travel convenience to the shortlisted Land

Resources are the backbone of any business. The gyms should be at a reasonable distance from the residential areas if not within the residential areas to facilitate travel for the gym trainers, cleaners, and support staff. Even the clients won’t be very willing to travel longer distances on traffic-laden roads.

Todd with Maplytics at hand can visualize all of this in advance before confirming on the new gym site. He could check the nearest residential areas, the density of the population there with heat maps, the travel time, optimized routes, traffics, tolls, bridges nearby, and so on.

Location Intelligence
ROI from the Gym SetUp

The ultimate end goal of every business is sales and profit. In the case of gyms, all the above factors facilitate it. But to be aware in advance, Todd could plot the competitors in the same regions on the maps within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and check their revenue on the tooltip cards.

The Fitness Industry is vast and comprises several more factors for consideration. Maplytics when explored with practical application could un-fathom the possibilities further. Other important parts of the Fitness Industry, like the Fitness Gear and Health Supplements Manufacturers and Suppliers, Fitness Retreats and Nature Camps Organizers, Healthy Food Manufacturers, etc. require assistance on the above factors and more. Maplytics could be helpful for them as well.

What’s More?

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