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Differentiate industrial, commercial, residential, and agricultural areas on the map and associalte clients accordingly


Land Area Mapping in Dynamics 365 CRM

Maplytics has been catering to the demands of various industries and with Dynamics 365 Land Area Mapping feature, dealing with land plots has become easier for our clients. With the help of Land Area Mapping in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Maplytics users can visualize the area of agriculture, residential, commercial properties, etc., on the map. They can easily define the area of land for the respective entity records and then visualize the same on the map.

Maplytics users from different industries can visualize the land along with the respective color coded pushpins on the map. This will help them to have a glance on the record’s location along with the area it covers. And if they are dealing only with the land then they can visualize the same without any pushpins as per their business requirements. 



Yes, using Land Area Mapping feature, user can use the option of ‘By drawing’ to draw the boundary of the land and assign it to the required record.

Yes, users can click on the land to open the summary card that shows the area of the land along with other details if the land is assigned using a Shape file.

Yes, organisations dealing with real estate properties or farming lands can use this feature to assign and visualize the lands on map for the CRM records.

Yes, the records and the respective land can be plotted together on the map. It will automatically color code the pushpins the same as that of the lands allowing user to differentiate between lands and records.

Yes, using Land Area Mapping feature, user can use the option of shape file to plot regions on the map and assign multiple lands to multiple records quickly.

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