Census data is the official data about a population in a demography. It may be segregated into area land, population in age range, State name and others. Census data enables assessing the well-being, assisting families and low population areas, providing services for the elderly, the disabled and veterans. This pushes the population in alignment with their social welfare. Maplytics enables visualizing this data on map like Housing units, Area land, Area water, population demographics, and others to take strategic decisions.

Maplytics provides default Census data for US Counties, States and 111th Congressional States. This default census data is provided by Bing maps for USA. However, users are not restricted to using this data only, they can plot their own Shape Files with Census Data. Maplytics allows users to plot these Shape Files using Overlay. Users can also configure the attributes, create categories for these attributes and select colors to visualize this data on the map. This gives them a personalized insight in their data that is easy to comprehend with better UX.

Census Data is quite significant from business perspective. In enables the end user to target their desired audience by creating categories and having an analysis of the actual existing population.

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