Climate Change – the concept has been a root cause of several discussions over the past few years now. While the world still continues to wonder if it exists or not, it has ignited a sense of responsibility toward the restoration and sustenance of the environment and the natural resources we have been blessed with. People have been warming up to the idea of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, and hence, new ways of restoring a natural balance are being ideated and implemented rapidly.

Technology has been modernizing the way of life and this very technology is being explored rigorously every day to restore and protect nature. We, at Team Maplytics, are always ready to contribute to anything pro-nature and look out for creating concepts that would aid in the sustenance. Maplytics is the 5-star rated, preferred app of the Microsoft AppSource that harnesses the power of locational intelligence to align sales territories, optimize travel routes, track field reps in real-time, and more. Let us have a look at how these versatile features of Maplytics could contribute to nature!

Recycling of Dry Waste

Recycling Dry waste not only aids in generating stronger and sturdy materials but also helps in reusing the non-biodegradable wastes such as plastic into something useful. The central council of the city or the state could register and be in charge of the Maplytics license. They could add in the records for the designated areas for dry waste collection, the companies responsible for recycling it, major contributors of dry waste, transportation facilities that collect the dry waste and take it to the recycling units, etc.

Optimized routes could be plotted from these dry waste pick-up points to the waste recycling points. The transport trucks could use these routes efficiently. New contributors from the city or town too could get the info about the recycling facilities from the council office and follow the routes to them. The customers could also hunt for places along the way to purchase the recycled items while being on the go. They could also plot their potential options based on the travel distance /time by plotting all the places around them in concentric circles of specific radii. The will to recycle would surely grow strong if the facilities are available easily and at hand.

Urban Gardening

Urban Gardening is the modern-day concept of creating personal gardens in modern-day architectures of residential complexes and commercial areas. These are a sign denoting the realization that green areas, natural patches, trees, and plants within the concrete jungle are extremely crucial to life. The central office of the Urban Gardening company could hold up the license for Maplytics. Their records could hold details of their regular clients, members of the loyalty program, influencers helping in brand promotion, garden tools manufacturers, compost contributors, training staff, seed providers, transport facilitators for deliveries, and so on! Major workspaces, corporate offices, and renowned builders could also form a part of the records.

Subscribers of the company facilities or loyal customers could avail the facilities of plotting nearby records, finding optimized routes to them, checking out new options of manufacturers along their route, and so on. The zoomed images available when hovered on the pushpins of the records can be utilized to differentiate between the record options. The corporate offices requiring facilities could be viewed in this manner to check out the look of the landscapes created for them, the clients that do not remember the name of certain compost providers but remember the look of their shop too could know their destination using this zoomed image, and so on! The multi-language aspect of the app could be a blessing if the users from the global corporates are made comfortable while using the facilities in their native languages. The chances of recommendation would thus multiply.

Distribution of Solar Power

Solar Power, the inexhaustible source of continuous energy is the newfound source for technological experimentations in order to procure, utilize, and store energy for day-to-day use. The central city/town council can again hold up the Maplytics license and have the records for the solar-powered charging stations around the city/ town. The subscribers or the citizens could visit and plot the stations around. Some privileged subscribers could also use the app on their mobile phones and plot the solar-powered charging stations on their phones. They could go ahead and plot the routes to reach these stations and avail of end-to-end navigation facilities.

The establishment of personal solar power capture, conversion, and storage units is also popular now. These are set up atop house roofs, open gardens, corporate terraces, etc. Records could be set up within the CRM for the manufacturers and assemblers of these units and the users could plot them and contact the nearest ones for their services. There is a lot of potential in solar energy which is still being discovered. With time, the application of Maplytics to easily harness this energy too shall increase with the increase in the power application.

The dawn of the realization of protecting nature has brought in a lot of cultural and social transformations. With more and more studies and technological advancements, humans shall come up with better alternatives to environmental hazards and thus, improved applications of locational intelligence within Dynamics 365 CRM to implement them.

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