Luxuries and wants become necessities with the passage of time and progress. Around a decade ago, online delivery of goods and services or e-commerce was considered a need probably only for white or grey goods such as furniture, washing machines, refrigerators, etc. However, in the past two years, the change in the work-life structure of the individuals and the advent of the pandemic has made home delivery of even the most basic utilities absolutely essential.

Today, if needed a person can order things to his doorstep right from the morning toothbrush, ready hot tea with breakfast to his clothes, cosmetics, medicines, books, electronics, dinner ingredients, and more. With Work from Home conditions applied on almost all the professions and visits to even the nearby places restricted, leaving homes has been curtailed a lot! Thus, has increased the frequency of home deliveries!

Since 2018 the food delivery business alone has grown about 6 times in a few major countries. The drug delivery market has been rapidly growing since 2020. It is projected to reach USD 45 billion by 2027. Amazon reported a 220% rise in its profits during the pandemic. A plethora of such facts and figures studied and analyzed the world over, emphasize the changing times affecting the change in lives and especially the shopping patterns!

With the increasing responsibilities of delivering essentials and other services at the doorstep, a little assistance partnered with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM will help businesses. Maplytics is available exactly for this. Maplytics a preferred, 5 star rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (PowerApps). It empowers users across verticals with Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Automated Scheduling, Radius Search, Territory Plotting, and so on by enhancing their sales, sales territory mapping, and other business processes.

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A pharmacy or a medical store needs to be extremely prompt at delivering medicines. However, quick deliveries can be achieved only with adequate inventory. The central pharmacy centers or units are responsible for satisfying the inventory demands of the local shop chains. Thus, the regular medical outlets/ shops can form a registered set of records in the center’s CRM. Any impromptu request of regular/ rare medical products can also be added as records into the CRM along with the addresses, requirement proofs, and other details. With the records in place, the delivery timings can be discussed with the outlet managers and the availability of the sales reps can be checked. As per the area and the pre-scheduled appointments of the reps, a rep could be assigned for the delivery at a convenient time. Using Maplytics on mobile, the rep too shall receive an updated schedule along with an optimized route to reach the location. He could follow the turn-by-turn navigation and reach the outlet as per schedule.

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A town supermarket could also inculcate Maplytics in their system. Supermarkets do not generally indulge in footstep deliveries, however, in the current times with restricted travel, certain supermarkets have taken up the responsibility of deliveries too. With the new feature of Maplytics which allows multiple addresses to be plotted against a single record, a similar order of groceries could also be delivered at multiple places. If a business has two office spaces in the same region, the essential office supplies required could be similar. With the Multi Address feature, both the addresses could be plotted over the Map and the list of essentials could be delivered regularly at the scheduled time and date. With the live tracking of reps possible, the whereabouts of the reps out for deliveries too could be checked in case of delays, by the manager. In case of mass deliveries, trucks assigned for delivery too could be tracked for their travel routes and reaching times.

With the current conditions, public contact is not much advisable. Thus, no contact deliveries have come into the picture. In this scenario, if the customer/retail unit is provided with the route followed by the delivery rep and the time of his arrival, the customer could be available at the address and get the essentials delivered at the doorsteps. This would avoid human contact and the delivered goods could be taken into his custody immediately by the customer. The rep too can quickly sum up his task and leave for his next.

In case a new address is being delivered to, the short-optimized route followed by the rep could be saved and used again for fast deliveries in the same area. With the mass e-mail option available with Maplytics, the businesses could mail regular and potential clients asking for upcoming order details or additional requirements and schedule transport and deliveries well beforehand.

Improve Customer Experience

Emergencies such as lack of cooling from an air conditioner, an unknown gas leak at home, a burst water pipe during winter can occur unannounced and rattle a regular day. The service engineers needed to fix the same need to be summoned soon. On reception of such a complaint, the service manager of the organization could check the on-field engineers in the complaint area and using the along the route option find the ones who are along the same route as the complainant. They could then be scheduled for immediate rescue! Thus, saving the situation with quick services.

Door-to-door services directly to an end-user or a retail unit or even local outlets are a major responsibility and are currently, highly in demand. Thus, inculcating an organized process plan to regularize the same can only work in the favor of a service provider! Maplytics has a plethora of unique and interesting attributes which if explored well can help strategize business differently. To know more about the other such features and applications of Maplytics, do have a look at our Video Library. Also, write us your mapping needs at and get a free demo and a Q/A session scheduled especially based on your requirements and needs.