“Only because the app was compatible in Spanish, it saved the day and I could get the day’s bookings resolved!”, Jim, a recently transferred manager from the Atlanta regional office of Coffee and Co to the Spanish headquarters in Granada was heard narrating his story to a colleague at a café. Well, he was talking about the use of Maplytics by his local field technicians in Granada. The story goes that Jim was allotted a team of only Spanish-speaking field techs who were masters in their work. Communication in English was the only issue for them.

However, in a region where most of the clients were Spanish-speaking, work coordination was never troublesome for them. The use of Maplytics across mobile platforms was an additional boon. However, what worked the most was the usability of Maplytics in Spanish. Jim could easily schedule the field tech’s appointments using Auto Scheduling in English and the techs could understand and follow the same in Spanish on their mobile devices! Thus, is the uniqueness of the multilingual compatibility feature of this geo-mapping app.

Maplytics, a preferred, 5 star rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (PowerApps) allows non-native English-speaking users to experience the powerful map visualization tool in their native language. It auto-detects the language of the user’s Dynamics 365 application and sets the language automatically. This allows the users to use their favorite mapping app for Dynamics CRM in their preferred language. Maplytics currently supports French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, and Turkish along with English as the default language.

Team Maplytics has a general framework established for supporting the languages. Thus, a new preferred language can be inculcated with ease using the framework. With the inclusion of the local languages, the skilled locals feel at home and have plenty of work opportunities in front of them. The barrier of not being fluent in English is also reduced among them. Similarly, the local clients too, become more comfortable with the native language speaking field reps. This aids vastly in maintaining good customer relationships or pacifying the customers during troublesome times.

Globalization has taken businesses beyond the barriers of land and water. Then how could language still act like one! When an American organization opens its office in Lisbon, it not only contributes to establishing production at optimized costs but also provides job opportunities to the locals. Thus, the sales reps hired at such places could track their daily schedules using Maplytics in their mother tongue while their American managers continue updating it in English. International trade and business clearly seem like the global future and going local could be a prime tip for better penetration into the markets and strong customer bonds. The multi-lingual, easily adaptable feature of Maplytics is the apt step in the direction of progress!

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