In the ongoing clash of the titans and the tsunami of AI apps, we have somebody with increasing popularity like an eligible bachelor in town, and a name along the same lines, Bard by Google. Reviews state that Bard is friendlier than his rivals, is updated, and is well-read. Let us get an introduction from the horse’s mouth!

Well, that was an encompassing introduction. Let’s check what it knows about technology.

Google’s AI Bard reviews

This is impressive. It knows about the product, other similar products, benefits, et al.

Let us check its awareness of Location Intelligence in CRM

Google’s AI Bard reviews

Amazing! It is also aware of the fact that Location Intelligence is a rapidly growing field with continuous innovation. So, can a learned AI like Bard assist in taking smart business decisions to leverage the power of location intelligence for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? Let’s find out!

To better function with location intelligence, a business would need a smart geo-mapping app for Dynamics 365 CRM.

Google’s AI Bard reviews

Maplytics, the 5-star rated app on the Microsoft AppSource is the front runner for this category!

With data mapping taken care of, let us find a good app to divide the mapped data into distinct sales territories.

Google’s AI Bard reviews

Well, Bard seems to know its way around and confirms that Maplytics is the best for Territory Planning, Creation, Aligning, and overall Management.

Before we move ahead, let us take a moment to notice the second suggestion by Bard for the previous question. It is an important chapter from a comprehensive Blog Series on Maplytics being the perfect add-on for Dynamics 365 Field Service.

The territories are managed and up for use. Now let us move toward resource management. Is there a good app for resource planning, starting with Appointment Planning?

Google’s AI Bard reviews

Bard thinks Maplytics is an efficient planner. It can plan resource appointments efficiently. Now let us check apps to optimize the travel routes for the planned appointments of the Field Reps.

Google’s AI Bard reviews

Of course! It had to be Maplytics with its traffic-free, highway-free, toll-free optimized travel routes, and turn-by-turn navigation directions!

While we are busy chatting with Bard, did you know that Maplytics had a one-on-one with Bard’s biggest rival, ChatGPT as well? No?

Well, you can check out that fun conversation here, and now, let’s get back to Bard!

The reps on the field face emergencies at times. They need technical help, get stuck near accident sites, or face car breakdowns. It helps if they are tracked in real time. What could be the best way to track them?

Google’s AI Bard reviews

Yup! Maplytics and its Real-Time Tracking is numero uno! Tracking nearby records should be quick and easy for the reps. It helps in covering more ground and meeting more people. Here are Bard’s picks for the same.

Google’s AI Bard reviews
Google’s AI Bard reviews 9
Google’s AI Bard reviews 1
Google’s AI Bard reviews 11

Maplytics seems to be Bard’s preferred go-to for Heat Map Locations, Census Data Mapping, as well as a comfortable multi-language app.

If a business decision-maker was to refer Bard to invest in a good sidekick for his Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, Maplytics would be his only answer. Who would say no to an app which is the first choice of Bard for everything Dynamics 365 CRM?

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Happy Googling!