Healthcare Industry is chiefly managed by how they cater to their patients and attend their needs. It is a vital industry that is growing amply with every passing year and more so, in decades. There are various factors that lead to the development in this ever growing business and help reduce the health hazards.

The operational workflow in such industry works as a boomerang i.e. the more business comes in, the better the deliverables. For this industry to run promptly, there are several factors responsible viz. how the Sales, Marketing, Field and Customer service teams perform. In order to improve the healthcare, the organizations easily adapt Dynamics 365 for improving their sales and service. For this our majorly loved app Maplytics comes into picture. It offers extensive list of features that can be leveraged by Healthcare industry to improve their Sales by being proactive on map.

For instance, consider a pharmaceutical company that is into drugs manufacturing, the key to their sales are the Medical Representatives who market the drugs to the doctors. If the drugs are pitched well, the organization draws in business and the more the popularity of drugs means more sales. For this there are few areas that need to be considered. Let’s have a glance at how CRM integration with maps can improve the Sales of the healthcare organization:

Optimized and targeted routes

Since the appointment is fixed the Medical Representatives can create targeted routes to reach out to doctors and pitch for the company. Given the optimized schedule, the organizational capabilities improve and there is an evident improvement in Sales.

Territory Management

With the help of this feature the Medical Reps (MR) are assigned a particular territory based on their performance and abilities. The reps visit the doctor of a territory and if the sales of one territory is not up to the mark then the territories can be managed to fetch in more business and balance the workload of the representatives.

Business Analysis with Heat Map

Heat Map helps in visualizing in which geographies the organization is performing better and where the Sales is not up to the mark. Therefore, on doing this analysis with the help of Pie chart/Column chart in Heat Maps the sales team is able to pin-point to which area’s doctors the MRs need to be sent and how to improve the business.

Overlay for location analysis

Overlay of the data of doctor’s location with that of the MRs on the map helps to visualize the MRs available in the nearby regions to meet the doctors. The closer the vicinity the sooner the appointments can be met. The records of the doctors can be assigned to the MRs so that they can meet them.


The MRs can check-in upon reaching the doctor’s clinic and check-out after they leave. This helps in tracking if the MRs are meeting the doctors they have been assigned with and for how much duration the meeting in general goes on.

Appointment Planning

With the help of Auto-scheduling the routes are auto-created for the doctors to be met over a span of days. This will provide optimized routes with the appointments to meet the doctors in the optimized way, which can be followed by the MRs.

Perform Mass Actions

At any given point of time Mass Actions can be applied from the map like Create Phone Call or Email activity, etc. So for the MRs activities can be created which they can use to connect with doctors. They can further use the actions like export to excel to export the data of the doctors to meet or send a bulk email to all the doctors plotted on the map to give further details about their drugs.

In this way the meetings and appointments are managed for the MRs by pharmaceutical companies in order to improve Sales by relative analysis of how the regions are performing. Maplytics has helped many organizations from Healthcare Industry to turn around business with a spike-up in their revenue and spearhead in a direction of increasing sales. The ROI has been reported to be quite high and therefore Maplytics has been adopted by the organizations for such features. Given its Popularity, Maplytics is now rated as a Preferred Solution on Microsoft’s Business Applications marketplace, AppSource.

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