The Fall of 2023 saw the annual Autumn release of Maplytics updates. There were a large number of enhancements and additions this time and we received a good response even from our Release-centric Webinar! The additions were the heroes of the conversations even at the #MPPC23 where Team Maplytics was in demand. Of all the upgrades, Frequency detail-based Auto Scheduling was heavily in demand. The curiosity of all the people across industries has reiterated the need for this blog. So, let us understand this advancement to Auto Scheduling closely.

What is the Frequency Detail Feature?

Traditionally, Auto Scheduling is used to pre-schedule appointments for the field reps with their respective clients for days or weeks. The schedules are flexible and can be realigned to accommodate ad hoc requests. Similarly, they have a provision for lunch breaks, buffer time, etc., and come with optimized travel routes from one appointment to another.

All this has been maintained in the Frequency Detail Feature along with a provision to accommodate client working hours and days while setting up the schedule. For instance, if a client is available for only two days of the week for 4 hours per day, then this availability of the client shall be considered while setting up the appointments. The meetings for them shall be scheduled on those two days within those 4 hours only. Isn’t it a win-win for both the Field Rep and the client?

What Industries can use this intimate feature?

In a world where one person is assigned tasks for 4, there is a time crunch and limited availability. This is applicable to almost all industries. So, any industry with availability limits can exercise the feature.

Consider a hospital St. John’s with a limited-time OPD service. Doctors with multiple specialties are available here to see patients on fixed days and time slots. There are inquiries for appointments every day for different doctors. Thus, the hospital could utilize Maplytics and Frequency Detail Feature. The appointments could be booked on a first come first serve basis. If Doctor Shawn is available for 3 hours on Wednesday evening, appointments of 30 minutes each could be taken for the period. Once all slots are booked, the appointments could be planned for the Wednesday of the next week. The process could be carried out for all the available doctors for days or weeks.

Maplytics Fall 2023 Release

Supermarkets often offer last-mile delivery services. These are to individual homes, complexes, or office spaces. Offices aren’t open 24/7 for deliveries, homes may not have people to receive the deliveries at all times, and complexes may have visitation restrictions. A solution to all these situations is the supermarket chains to use the Frequency Detail Feature within Dynamics 365 CRM. The deliveries could be timed as per the client’s available hours and the plan could be shared with the client as well.

Tech repairs and installations often require a service rep to travel up to a home setting or an office to work on the technical appliances, network connections, etc. These also need to be scheduled as per the availability of the homeowner/ people in charge. Imagine having a house party with cocktails and mimosas, barged by a network repair guy who has come in ad hoc! Will offering him a mimosa be wrong, as he would be in his working hours? Sticky, right? Hence, schedule as per convenience and be at peace.

There is also an addition of Recursive Scheduling with Frequency Detail Feature

Some appointments need to be rescheduled every few days or weeks. So, instead of wasting time rescheduling them again, it is convenient to use the Recursive Scheduling feature that allows appointments to be replanned after the specified interval of time. The next date of appointment is planned using the last date and the time interval.

Maplytics Fall 2023 Release
Are there any industrial applications for this?

Pharma businesses cater to hospitals, retail outlets, and even individuals. Medicines need to be restocked every few weeks and a gap in restocking could affect the patients. Hence, having a recursive scheduling plan in place would be a savior.

Medical follow-ups need to be strictly timed and adhered to. If a healthcare unit is using the Frequency Detail Feature, they could also avail Recursive Scheduling Feature, rebook appointments for follow-ups, inform patients, and block doctors’ calendars.

People who are particular about their beauty and skin can have recursively scheduled appointments with estheticians or nail techs and have seamless processing every 3 weeks. The salon chains too can benefit from this as they have an assured sale every 3 weeks.

Where are the appointments visible?

All the appointments scheduled with the Auto Scheduling feature under Frequency Detail and Recursive Scheduling are reflected in the reps’ and the client’s Outlook Calendars. They could be used to plan other activities in and outside the office.

What’s More?

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