The world of lumber and building materials might seem rooted in tradition, but beneath the surface, innovation is blossoming. Take LMC, the leading Forest Products and Building Materials Buying Group in the USA and our loyal client. With over 1,400 independent dealer locations stretching across the nation, LMC is a titan of the industry. However, even titans can benefit from a technological revolution, and for LMC, that revolution came in the form of integrated geo-mapping solution adding the power of location intelligence to business.

Building Businesses of Collaboration

Founded in 1935, LMC embodies the spirit of “Building Business Together.” Their philosophy is rooted in collaboration, creating a network of independent lumber and building material dealers who leverage combined purchasing power to secure better deals and support supplier relationships. This collaborative spirit extends to their technology adoption as well.

The Challenge: Optimizing Deliveries in a Vast Network

For LMC, a critical aspect of its success hinges on efficient deliveries. With such a vast network of dealers and suppliers scattered across the country, ensuring quick and optimized deliveries can be a logistical nightmare. Traditional methods often involve:

  1. Limited Visibility: Lack of insights into supplier and customer locations hindered efficient dispatching and communication.
  2. Manual Route Planning: Plotting routes manually on paper maps was a time-consuming and error-prone process.
  3. Inaccurate Distance Calculation: Estimating distances between locations without proper tools could lead to inaccurate timelines and scheduling issues.

These challenges translated to wasted time, unhappy customers, and ultimately, lost revenue. LMC recognized the need for a solution that could streamline their delivery processes and revolutionize their approach to customer service.

The Solution: Integrated Geo-Mapping with Maplytics

The answer arrived in the form of Maplytics, a powerful application offering integrated mapping and geo-analytical functionalities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Here’s how Maplytics transformed LMC’s operations:

  1. Visualizing the Network: Maplytics enabled LMC to plot its extensive network of dealers and suppliers on a single, interactive map using pushpins. This visual representation provided a clear understanding of geographic distribution, facilitating better resource allocation and strategic planning.
  2. Effortless Travel Distance Calculation: Maplytics calculates the exact distance between any two locations on the map with Route Optimization. This ensured accurate timelines and realistic scheduling for deliveries which could be shared with the dealers and sellers for relationship development.
  3. Optimized Route Planning: With route optimization factors like traffic conditions and distances, tolls, etc. automatically get suggested for deliveries. This translates to faster deliveries, reduced fuel costs, and a happier workforce.

Seamless Integration and Unwavering Support

The seamless integration of Maplytics with LMC’s existing Microsoft Dynamics 365 system was another key factor in its success. It eliminated the need for additional logins or complicated data transfers, making the entire process smooth and user-friendly.

Furthermore, LMC experienced exceptional support from the Maplytics team. Proactive assistance and timely responses fostered a strong foundation of trust, ensuring LMC could navigate any technical challenges with confidence.

A list of benefits

By embracing the location intelligence application, LMC witnessed a significant transformation in its operations:

  1. Enhanced Customer Service: Faster deliveries translated to happier customers. LMC could now provide accurate timelines and meet customer expectations more consistently.
  2. Increased Efficiency: Optimized routes turn-by-turn driving directions saved LMC valuable time and resources, allowing them to focus on core business activities.
  3. Reduced Costs: Minimized fuel consumption through optimized routes led to significant cost savings for LMC.
  4. Empowered Workforce: Field reps received clear directions and optimized routes, allowing them to work smarter and deliver faster.

LMC’s story is a testament to the power of embracing technological innovations. By integrating location-based solution like Maplytics, LMC revolutionized its delivery processes, enhanced customer service, and optimized its operations for the digital age. Their success is a model for any business looking to streamline logistics, improve efficiency, and ultimately, build a competitive edge.

If you are looking to optimize your supply chain, reduce expenses, and deliver a superior customer experience, consider following LMC’s lead and exploring the power of integrated mapping solution. With an all-inclusive tool like Maplytics, your business can join the revolution and unlock a new era of efficiency and growth.

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be moulded into any role. It is a popular geo-analytical application that brings about seamless map integration within Dynamics 365. It simplifies Territory mapping, Radius Search, Route mapping, Heat Map Analysis, and a lot more!

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