A 3rd generation industrialist in his recent interview expressed how lucky he felt that he could easily check his client details at the click of a mouse button. He stated how his grandfather who was not blessed with this facility used to maintain books with every detail of his clients then and even had to byheart the details of their orders, payments, contact persons, etc.

This comparison incident shows how far have we come in terms of technology today and how technology has expanded the potential of businesses. The terms such as remotely accessing the desktops, online ordering of personalized food items, digital medical consultations, online schools, robot-assisted production processes, driverless cars, etc. all once only seemed like manifestations are a reality today and have become a valuable part of our lives.

Let us have a look at some such overwhelming advancements in technology that have left us awestruck yet obliged today.

1. The changing phase of data management

Remember the days when an extra rep had to be deployed for a client meeting only to carry the prints of all the important documents? The photocopies that were generated required an entire forest for production. Warehouses were created only to preserve the papered data and employees had to be deployed to search through that data.

Today, a single rep with his laptop or tablet is enough to take care of all these jobs. The data is not only stored in various CRM software but is also easily analyzed and displayed in a filtered manner by mere clicking of a few buttons.

The OHP sheets, paper charts, hardboards, and acrylic models that had to be physically carried for presentations are now displayable on desktops, laptops, and even mobile phones and can even be edited or modified on the go. The storage space required has been reduced, and the number of hours and the elaborate paraphernalia required to get the meetings on track have been reduced, thus, saving time, money, and effort for all.

Maplytics, the 5-star rated geo-mapping app on Microsoft AppSource too has advanced technologically in terms of data management. It harnesses location intelligence and helps in integrating CRM data with maps. Thus, segregated data of different natures can be viewed quickly over the map with proper locational coordinates. This saves an immense amount of time in reading, calculating, analyzing, and then presenting support data during client meetings.

2. Independence with wired technology

Desktops agreed, have reduced the use of paper for every little thing but had also bound humans to a fixed place. People could not move about from their stations as their data could not be carried around. This again involved printing down the data in case of travel.

The infusion of mobile phones, laptops, and tablets has resolved this problem of dependence. A rep on the go can now easily log into his base system with remote access on his hand-held device and access all the required files, folders, drives, etc. He need not be bound to his chair all the time to get his work done.

Maplytics promotes this development by providing seamless mobility across all devices. A sales rep on the field can access his client’s details, location, and other requirements even on his cell phone! He can trace and follow travel routes as well and also keep his office colleagues updated about his whereabouts in case of ad-hoc requirements using the real-time tracking feature.

3. Report to the office from anywhere

Technology made this possibility a reality and the pandemic period promoted it for business betterment. Gone are the days when organizations required full attendance of all of their employees from one fixed location to complete a day’s tasks. Today, employees have been equipped enough to work from not just various cities but various continents of the world together as a team and achieve a common goal. They communicate on daily basis through voice and video calls, exchange details, and work comfortably without even meeting each other in person. The leisure of working from home has also given an added advantage to single parents, to-be moms, differently-abled persons, long-distance employees, and more.

Maplytics too empowers its reps to report from anywhere within Dynamics 365 CRM. With their schedules planned, the on-field reps are aware of their travels throughout the day. They can swiftly check in and out of their daily meetings from the meeting locations themselves and need not travel extra miles to report to the office. The notes from the meetings, specific files, and other attachments too can be shared with the office colleagues from the meeting venue. This not only saves their time, money, and fuel but also gives them a sense of responsibility and makes them feel trusted. Also, quick passing of info while being on the go hurries up the next steps.

4. Communicate in multiple languages

Technological upgrades have been responsible for globalization that has opened up several dynamics, multi-cultural, and diverse marketplaces for all businesses. Hence, the employees belonging to different nationalities and speaking multiple languages have started working together, closely. English despite being the business language is not spoken with proper precision across the globe. Hence, apps compatible with multiple global languages have been designed to make communication across global individuals smooth and easy. Skills and knowledge are not bound by the confines of languages then why should communication restrict them?

Maplytics, too, is a multi-language, preferred app that is available in English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Arabic, and German. This enables a French manager to communicate with a German Field rep easily and understand his queries while giving out his directions for an appointment.

5. Diversifying without traveling

In the recent past, business expansions and subsequent management required travel to the global markets. Clients had to be visited in person, the locations and regions had to be recced and things had to be finalized after putting it all in perspective in person. Today with Google Earth, Bing Maps, Global Partners and Consultants, mapping apps, etc. all the above functions can be done from the confines of one’s city with minimum travel involved.

Maplytics supports sales territory management within Dynamics 365 CRM by visualizing clients and sales territories over a map. The territories can be visualized, created, altered, merged, etc. across the globe and the reps could be assigned to them. Similarly, the land areas could be mapped in those territories for better reach, digitally, without being present there, physically.

Technology and Maplytics, both have tremendous unexplored potential which will only be fathomed with time and practice. To learn more about Maplytics, its applications across industries, and other amazing functions, do visit our Website or the Microsoft AppSource. For further details, you can hop on to our BlogsClient Testimonials, and Video Library.

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Happy Mapping!