“Good Morning, Tisha. How are you doing?”, Noa waved excitedly while sipping his coffee. “Hey, Noa! I’m good! How are you? How was the Weekend?”, Tisha asked. “Oh, I’m good too and the Weekend was extremely productive and relaxing. With all the shopping done over the week, I had time to clean my house, arrange my pantry, and decorate it completely for the Holidays. It feels so good and fulfilling. All thanks to our amazing Tom and the coolest geo-mapping app Maplytics!”, Noa chirped away gleefully.

“Somebody called out my name?” playfully asked Tom while entering their cubical. “Yes, Tom! Thanks again for familiarizing us with Maplytics the last time. It has been a savior. Both of us could accommodate our Holiday shopping during the week post office hours and could work on the essential chores over the Weekend. Not having to shop on crowded weekends is such a relief!”, expressed Tisha. “Well, I’m glad I could be of some help and I will be using Maplytics further today during the lunch break to look out for some entertainment options for the holidays. Let me know if you wanna join in!”, Tom suggested. “Of course, we will! Everybody needs good Holiday activities”, affirmed Noa and Tisha.

During the lunch break, Tisha and Noa huddled at Tom’s desk with their lunches, and the discussion initiated with their family’s favorite Christmas Traditions and the entertaining activities they love doing. “My family prefers staying indoors up to Christmas and we watch movies, eat, and chat. Movie nights are my favorite!”, reminisced Noa. “Which movies do you guys enjoy?”, quizzed Tom. “The Home Alone Series, The Charm Bracelet, and 3 Wise Men and a Baby”, Noa replied. “I always feel the map created by Kevin to protect himself in both the Home Alone movies is so similar to the map plotted in Maplytics. Category-based records denoted by multiple custom pushpins look so similar to the fighting elements drawn by Kev in every part of the house!”, enlightened Tom.

Map Visualization

“Oh yaa!! Imagine Kevin having Maplytics at his fingertips, he could have traveled places in New York and how. Simply adding places to his travel route and getting end-to-end navigation directions with a click.

Use locational uniqueness to turn up the infotainment quotient this Holiday Season

Holly and Greg having access to Maplytics could have optimized their routes so easily while being on their quest to trace the bracelet owner in The Charm Bracelet. Life would have been so simple”, chipped Tisha dreamily.

“My family and I love caroling. We can do it every night”, Tisha continued excitedly. “My family and I, too enjoy carols. I love the Let it, Snow, Let it Snow part the most, never gets old”, sang Tom. “Ohh, imagine the three kings of the orient having Maplytics! Instead of following the star and being 17 days late, they could have used Maplytics on mobile and reached in time for the birth of Jesus using the precise turn-by-turn navigation, chimed Noa.

maplytics dynamics 365

“Yess! Also, Santa and his reindeer could have used the Auto Scheduling feature of Maplytics and dashed through the snow with optimized routes to deliver gifts at midnight. Their journey too would have been so well-organized sparing them some time to sleep as well”, exclaimed Tom with joy, and the three had a hearty laugh.

locational intelligence in dynamics 365

“This year, I’m looking forward to finding different places with Maplytics that allow caroling throughout the season”, planned Tisha. “I hope we get to visit uncommon places this year”, she added. “The Fire Stations have their choir groups open for all. Here, I can find a few stations near me!”, she typed into the system.

locational intelligence in dynamics 365

“The youngsters in my family are only happy after watching the nutcracker and after attending a story recitation of a Christmas Carol”, plugged in Tom. “Looking at your excitement, this year I am thinking of introducing this young gang of my family to Maplytics as well. We could maybe search for theatres having shows for The Nutcracker near us and even bookstores and libraries that would have narration sessions for ‘A Christmas Carol’. They’ll be so intrigued”, continued Tom.

locational intelligence in dynamics 365
locational intelligence in dynamics 365
locational intelligence in dynamics 365

“That sounds like a legit plan. These young adults can have their first rendezvous with Dynamics 365 then. Kids today are exposed to unique things at such a young age. Imagine our hero, the nutcracker had a geo-mapping app with Real-Time tracking at his disposal during his war with the Mouse King. Just like Robert here, the activities of the Mouse King and his soldiers too could have been tracked. Managing things would have been so easy for him then, Noa added wide-eyed with imagination.

locational intelligence in dynamics 365

“Yeah, I think, since the kids like A Christmas Carol, you could abide by the theme, search for nearby charities, pet shelters, orphanages, old age homes, etc. with Maplytics and visit those places with them as a part of Community Service. It would be such a learning experience for your young adults”, said a thoughtful Tisha.

Hearing this, the other two nodded in affirmation and got lost in their thoughts regarding the Christmas Traditions, Activities, childhood memories, possibilities, and much more. Finally, Tom got out of the trance and informed Tisha and Noa that the lunch break had gotten over. Startled, they jolted back and planned to brainstorm again with Maplytics for other Christmas Activities for Entertainment, vacation plans, etc. in a couple of days.

The imagination of the trio took us down an unknown lane of Maplytics and its application for infotainment. However, the range of possible applications of Maplytics across businesses is unfathomable and simply needs to be experienced to be believed. You can write to us at crm@inogic.com  for your mapping queries, a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

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