“…so, there is a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow! This sounds so cool! Can’t we just grab that pot and keep the rainbow to ourselves? The 5 years old excitedly asked his dad. “The colors of the rainbow originate from that pot and these colors are for everybody as they brighten up our dull lives, environment, and all the things created by the Universe”, the dad smilingly replied. The importance of colors in our lives starts from food and goes up to the pleasing visuals for the eyes. Colors represent the various emotions in life, the nature of life, energies felt, and changes in the temperaments. Colors define a person, calm him, and even inspire him. This significance of colors in our lives is celebrated and appreciated with the Indian Festival of Colors, Holi!

People lovingly and mischievously smear each other with the powdered forms of colors representing multiple emotions on this day. The environmental and religious awareness has also prompted people these days to enjoy the festival with colorful flower petals or flower petals mixed with water. Red signifying the power of health, love, and courage. Yellow brings warmth, happiness, and vibrance. Green stands for prosperity, progress, and endurance. Blue defines tranquillity, security, and calm. Orange is the color for determination, success, and warmth. Just as all these emotions attached with the colors are a defining part of a human’s personality, the various features of Maplytics, too symbolize the colors of life!

The yellowy happiness of working with data visualized over maps is the very first magic of Maplytics. CRM Records defined over Maps make working easier. The Orangy success is assured when the sales territories are clearly demarcated, categorized, and aligned for the reps to work within. The green, stress-free zone of prosperity becomes vivid with the automated scheduling of appointments. Blue showers its calm and peace as the routes for travel are optimized and provided for the fieldwork. Red confidence and courage in attaining the day’s tasks are built when the live location is traceable of the reps.

With many wonderful features of Maplytics, a preferred, 5 star rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (PowerApps) up for grabs assimilating and celebrating the colors of nature into business becomes eventful. On this colorful note, let us aim for the heights of the rainbows in our lives and a splatter of successful colors in our businesses!

Happy Holi – Lets keep sharing this color of Love!