‘Imagine a deer that gallops across frozen landscapes, a crown of antlers, and a spirit as hardy as the ice. Meet the reindeer or caribou, king in the north! With hooves that click on frozen ground and noses that sniff out lichen beneath the snow, the reindeer or caribou navigates the Arctic like a seasoned explorer’

Before you stop reading thinking maplytics.com has been taken over by National Geographic Network, let me kindly stop you! It is still us, the developers of a technical genius that is popular as an all-inclusive geo-analytical sidekick to Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM! But ‘tis the season and the keywords of the season are gratitude, fun, family, snowman, jingle bells, reindeer, et al! But only do think of reindeer as Santa’s travel mates, we don’t interact with them individually. That is why before the magical season ends, let’s meet Santa’s Reindeer herd and find our nemesis in them!

Santa has 9 superheroes carrying his and the gifts’ weight on Christmas Eve. Meet Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and (drum roll) Rudolph. Now, Rudolph is a celebrity just like Harry Potter, thanks to his shiny Red nose! So, let’s meet the ones we don’t usually talk about!


Dasher is the leader of the pack. She commands and initiates the whirlwind. Like a good leader, Dasher sets the tone of the magical, benevolent journey. She is extremely agile and swift as a dart. Thus, turns, acceleration, and halts are all commanded by Dasher, the pilot of the sled. On second thoughts, doesn’t she sound exactly like our feature of Territory Management? I mean, every new client record is automatically associated with a Territory. A Territory commands the activities being performed on the record. Territories are most important for sales and sales reps and can be re-aligned to balance the records in them. Dasher commands pack, and Territory Management commands sales within Maplytics!


Dancer is the second lead in Santa’s Reindeer pack! And since most females are inherently well-organized, so is Dancer. She is the one who can be trusted with planning reindeer birthdays and other events. Although Dasher is the one commanding speed and following schedules, Dancer is the Queen Bee of organizing these schedules! She is an epitome of grace, elegance, and poise, and makes the pack look the same. Basically, Dancer is Auto Scheduling of Santa’s pack! This feature is also easy to use, considerate of client’s availability, and puts the frontline workers on schedule. It even lays down an elegant plan for the organizations to adhere to, thus, Auto Scheduling is Dancer!


Blitzen or lightning is the Queen of Dark. She can easily navigate through challenging weather conditions, cross the hurdles of the storm, accommodate adverse roadblocks, and still be confident, secure, and poised! Blitzen represents Route Optimization in Santa Clan. Just like Route Optimization, provides optimized travel routes, can surpass the hindrance of traffic, tolls, and roadblocks, is able to accommodate ad hoc meeting requests and route changes, and a lot more!


Prancer is said to be very homely. She loves people and wants everybody around for jam and chat sessions. When there is nothing to do, she is said to gather people together and have everybody within the vicinity. Well, she is the Radius/ Proximity Search equivalent in the group. Radius Search also finds leads, clients, etc. around the current location of the sales rep. A quick tap on the mobile app and the required records are displayed within the specified proximity or travel distance!


Vixen is the jack of multiple trades. She is the jack of all trades, knows how to learn new things, knows a lot of magic tricks, and keeps everybody entertained in a group. Isn’t she like the multi-language option of Maplytics? Knows a plethora of languages, can adopt a new language easily, enjoys including everybody comfortable in different languages, and so on! Vixen is just as inclusive and accommodating!


Comet is loved by all. She is always busy catering to others and making others happy. She’ll make changes to a game or a task to accommodate and include everybody or organize something to keep everybody entertained! Personalization in Maplytics does just that. The dashboards get personalized for the C-suite employees, Managers, and frontline workers as per their requirements and use!

Donner, Cupid, and Rudolph are love magnets. They are said to spread love by helping people in various ways possible like the rest of the features of Maplytics. We are sure, by now, you must have associated yourself with at least one of the reindeer. Let us know which and why!

What’s More?

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Let the seasonal sparkles begin!