Remember our last blog of the Holiday Sales Series where Jim and Mike were pressed with an excessive workload just before the holidays? Well, seems like there is new trouble in their office for another sales colleague Megan. Megan was on sick leave and a few colleagues were helping her with updating the CRM records for new inquiries and clients. Once Megan joined back, she was taken aback to see 2k records updated in 3 days. Further investigation revealed that all the colleagues tried to be helpful and all updated the records multiple times. They also forgot that the CRM gets auto-updated with new inquiries and so, there were furthermore records of the same leads/clients created! Megan was understanding enough and knew people only wanted to help her, but now, she was in soup!

Reasons might be different but similar situations are often faced by all the salespeople working with CRM. Sometimes the inquiries come in twice, and at times multiple people inquire from the same organization, in some incidents, there are automated as well as manual updates done to the CRM and the records get duplicated. Is there a solution to resolve the duplication of Dynamics CRM records at the current time and age? The answer is YES!

DeDupeD by Inogic: A clean CRM has a competitive edge

Maplytics’ parent company Inogic has a suite of multipurpose apps. One of the new additions is DeDupeD.

DeDupeD, by Inogic, is a revolutionary data hygiene app for Dynamics 365 CRM. It goes beyond basic deduplication, tackling duplicate records across all CRM entities (out-of-the-box and custom). This ensures data accuracy, improves user experience, and provides a clearer view of your sales data.

Here’s how DeDupeD elevates a CRM:

• Automatic deduplication: Say goodbye to manual data cleansing. DeDupeD identifies and eliminates duplicate records in real time, keeping your data pristine.
• Bulk historical cleanup: Merge duplicate records in bulk, saving you time and ensuring historical data integrity.
• User-driven control: Empower users to manage duplicate records, ignore specific ones, and save data based on business needs.
• Holistic view: Impersonate the system administrator to detect duplicates across all entities, eliminating blind spots.
• Enhanced accuracy: Exclude inactive records from detection, ensuring your focus remains on relevant data.

With DeDupeD, one gains:

• A cleaner, more accurate database: Drive better decisions with reliable data.
• Improved user adoption: Empower users with a seamless data experience.
• Clearer sales insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your customer base.
• Enhanced user productivity: Free users from manual data cleaning tasks.

Clean Up History Duplicate Records in Bulk

DeDupeD tool enables users to clean up historical duplicate records in bulk within Dynamics 365 CRM. Users can run a comprehensive duplicate merge process that identifies and merges multiple duplicate records based on set criteria. This ensures a clean and accurate data environment, and it is relatively more convenient to clean up a large number of duplicate records with the DeDupeD Tool, as it saves users the hassle of going to each record and identifying duplicates.

A solution for Megan

Time is less and workload is tremendous. Megan could talk to her seniors, Download a 15-day FREE TRIAL from the website or Microsoft AppSource, and test the app in her environment thoroughly. Once she feels the duplicate records have been deleted, Megan could switch to Maplytics and plot the final set of records from Dynamics CRM on the map. A visual representation would also confirm the disappearance of duplicate records further from the CRM.

To prevent the duplication from happening again, Megan could use the ‘Duplicate Prevention’ feature of DeDupeD. With this feature, duplication can be prevented both from the client and the server side. The steps for the same are here. Megan can follow these after specifying her duplicate matching rules and conditions as every business may have their requirements.

This is also an opportunity for her to clean up her CRM History. What if certain records are duplicated in the past and not during the Holiday rush? DeDupeD could do it for her now! Thus, with a fresh and able set of CRM, Megan can go ahead and sprinkle the magic of Maplytics on the records!

She could once again visualize the old and new clients and leads on the map. Use Census Data Mapping and prioritize the client/ lead visits. Once the list of priority records is in hand, she could plan for meetings with the people in charge as per their availability and upgrade the calendars.

Further, Megan could plot optimized roads for these clients and reduce the stress of finding new places. She could have cafes and gas stations at her fingertips in the new places with POI Location.

Some leads seem not so promising from their bio. Megan could use the Sentiment Analysis application within Dynamics CRM developed by Team Inogic as a copilot and trace the sentiment of the client conversation. If it seems positive, Megan can concentrate on them. In case they seem Negative, prioritize others. She could even use Heat Maps and study the overall trend of sales in various regions to streamline her sales journey.

Overall, DeDupeD and Maplytics could be used as a Team with proper licenses beyond the trial period by Megan and her organization to save time and improve pre-sales productivity!

What’s More?

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