For over 150 years, Heidelberg Materials has been a cornerstone of global construction, providing essential building blocks for houses, infrastructure, and commercial developments. Operating in over 50 countries with a workforce exceeding 51,000, they are a true industry leader. But in today’s dynamic world, staying ahead requires not just quality products, but also intelligent solutions. This is where Heidelberg Materials’ innovative partnership with Maplytics comes into play.

Visualization and Efficiency in a Global Landscape

Managing a global network of customers and production facilities across diverse geographical regions presented a unique challenge for Heidelberg Materials. Their existing CRM system, while robust, lacked the visual capabilities to truly understand their customer base and optimize operations. They needed a solution that could:

  1. Visualize Customer Locations: See their customer base on a map, allowing for a more intuitive understanding of their geographic spread.
  2. Color-coded representation: Categorize and differentiate customers and production facilities using color-coded pushpins, simplifying data interpretation.
  3. Appointment Visualization: Plot scheduled appointments on the map, enabling better route planning and time management for sales representatives.
  4. Advanced Analytics: Perform proximity searches to identify potential customers within a specific radius and leverage heatmaps for visual analysis of customer concentration areas.
  5. Mobile Accessibility: Access and manage data on the go from any mobile device, empowering sales teams in the field.

The Maplytics Advantage

Maplytics, a seamless integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365, provided Heidelberg Materials with the exact tools they needed. Now, their sales team can:

  1. Plot and Visualize Customer Data: Customers and their corresponding shipping locations are displayed on a map with color-coded pushpins, offering a clear visual representation. These locations can be further filtered based on regions, postal codes, or states.
  2. Effortless Activity Management: Activities like appointment creation, task assignment, and more can be directly performed on the map for specific customer records. This eliminates the need for context switching, saving valuable time.
  3. Optimized Route Planning: Appointments can be pre-planned and visualized on a calendar with color-coded schedules. Maplytics also suggests optimized travel routes, ensuring efficient field visits.
  4. Proximity Search & Heatmaps: Sales representatives can identify potential customers within a specific geographic area using proximity search. Additionally, heatmaps provide visual insights into customer concentration, allowing for targeted sales strategies.
  5. Global Accessibility and Usability: The application seamlessly integrates with Dynamics 365 and is available in over 10 global languages across desktops, laptops, mobiles, tablets, and various operating systems like Windows, iOS, and Android. This ensures accessibility for the global workforce of Heidelberg Materials.

Building Trust and Boosting Productivity

The proactive and timely support provided by Inogic, the makers of Maplytics, has fostered a strong foundation of trust between the two companies. With Maplytics, Heidelberg Materials has witnessed a significant improvement in its on-field productivity. Gone are the days of cumbersome data analysis and inefficient route planning. Maplytics has empowered its sales force with the tools it needs to operate with greater efficiency, ultimately contributing to the continued success of Heidelberg Materials.

Building a Sustainable Future

Heidelberg Materials is not just a leader in construction materials, but they are also committed to sustainability. By optimizing routes and reducing travel time, Maplytics helps them minimize their carbon footprint, which aligns perfectly with their commitment to environmental responsibility. As Heidelberg Materials continues to shape the world’s infrastructure, Maplytics will be there, one map at a time, ensuring they do so with efficiency and sustainability at the forefront.

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be moulded into any role. It is a popular geo-analytical application that brings about seamless map integration within Dynamics 365. It simplifies Territory mapping, Radius Search, Route mapping, Heat Map Analysis, and a lot more!

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