Photography is a booming business. With the power of Social Media on display, Fashion photography, Wildlife photography, Food photography, and Abstract and Product photography are at their peak.

Visual Representation of Records

We, at Inogic, believe in going with the flow. So, let’s see how Maplytics can be used to ease the life of photographers. Consider an agency that offers photography services. With Maplytics integrated into their Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, the agency managers would be able to plot all the client records, photographer records, studio records, etc. on the map and visualize them using custom pushpins. Analyzing potential incoming business would become simpler.

Searching within the Radius

For fashion and wedding photographers, finding clients near the studio areas, fashion houses, and wedding venue areas would be convenient using Radius/ Proximity Search. If the agency is on the lookout for a new model client, they could even target the potential fashion week venues to socialize and build contacts. These contacts can then again be plotted on the maps for further follow-ups.

Finding places nearby

Finding forests, marshy lands, and mangroves would be easier for wildlife photographers using Land Area Mapping. The visits could be planned and arrangements could be made accordingly. POI Location could be used to set up camps, find nearby places of residence, travel, and more. On account of Women’s Day tomorrow and honouring womanhood, it is also our responsibility to facilitate their needs all year long. Imagine a female Wildlife photographer needing emergency sanitary products while being at a job in a jungle! Using Point Of Interest Location, she could plot the pharmacies near her camp and get the products arranged. Medical facilities and medicos can also be plotted in this manner.

Schedule a job well done

Scheduling forms the core of any business. Maplytics believes that pre-planning is essential to reap the most out of an appointment. Using Auto Scheduling, a photographer’s appointments could be planned for a month. In case of cancellations, appointments in the queue could also be accommodated. The client’s availability should be considered before planning and the appointment would reflect in the client’s Outlook Calendar. Recently, we heard about a case of a pregnant photographer who was able to work up to her 30th week of pregnancy as her manager had scheduled her appointments, doctor visits, exercise time, rest time, etc. in her pre-arranged schedule. She used to start her work on time and go home without stress, on-time. Those are some amazing planning skills!

Route your way through

No matter what kind of photographer, travel is not optional to them. Hence, arranging for that is a requirement. Using Route Optimization, all the travels can be optimized and mapped for the appointments scheduled. The nearest airports, bus stations, taxi stands, etc. could be visualized and routes could be plotted to them. Routes without tolls, traffic, and highways could also be arranged with optimized travel directions. Some mother photographers travel with their kids and nannies. It would become so much simpler for them to travel hassle-free. Considering they would be aware of the travel routes in advance, they could arrange their pitstops accordingly to accommodate their kid’s needs. The ability to balance her career and her kids is the best gift an employer could give a women employee.

A live location tracker

Keeping female crime rates in check is a social responsibility of all and photography jobs could take a little longer to end. Being able to monitor all photographers, especially females until they are safe and sound at their homes is an advantage. Help could even be sent to the site for any photographer stranded due to fuel or car trouble, bad weather, health reasons, etc. Real-Time Tracking helps in doing all of this and more!

Maplytics promotes inclusivity, hence, any photographer speaking any of the 11 global languages offered by the application can utilize and use it seamlessly!

Overall, let’s professionalize and safeguard the artistic and booming profession of photography which involves being on the field all the time and performing a lot of physical activities. Also, this Women’s Day let’s pledge to create an atmosphere in fields that invites and interests a lot of women professionals.

Happy Women’s Day 2024!

What’s More?

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Celebrating Womanhood!