“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” Anaïs Nin, Writer

With the aim to risk it and move ahead, several big and small enterprises push their limits and move beyond the boundaries of their regions, cities, states, countries, and continents. With technology, going global has become easy even for home business owners. Rossi and Sons from Capri, Italy have embarked on the adventure of global expansion. It is a family-owned and run business of a variety of tomato sauces and cheeses. They had a tourist from Australia visit them in the summers and she suggested that these products would be welcomed with open arms in Australia.

The family started by researching the taste of Australia. Being Maplytics users, Census Data mapping was at hand for them. The Rossis studied the population there and their taste and food habits. They saw a few competitors existing in Australia as well and studied how their business model was different from the competitors’. Soon northern Melbourne was finalized to be the Australian headquarters with 3.4% of the population being Italian. They also wanted to manufacture locally by carrying the raw materials there from their Italian farms. So, Land Area Mapping was used to finalize the region to set up a production unit.

Before setting up and investing in production, the Rossis decided to run a trial for a few months to analyze the demand for their products. This was to be a field job but also involved talking to supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, celebrity chefs, and more. So, Luca the youngest of the 5 sons was appointed to do the needful. With licenses and permissions in place to sell in the new country, Luca was transported to a new land to fend for himself whilst being the face of his business and establishing it.

Where will Luca stay?

You are right if you concluded that Luca exploited the facilities of Maplytics to the core in this excursion. The Rossis knew the areas they were going to explore so Luca plotted hotels and bread and breakfast places in and around the area with Maplytics. As Maplytics is integrated with Dynamics 365, he could also visualize where his competitors and potential leads were commonly located. All of this was taken into consideration before booking the hotels and the BnB accommodations.

How will Luca travel?

Being the youngest, Luca had always been protected, so, the family made sure he had a rented car at all times for his travel in and around the city. The car rental services around his BnB were plotted and after negotiations, the best one was on board.

Luca’s food arrangements!

Point Of Interest Location was Luca’s favorite when he actually landed in Melbourne and reached his rented home. It was an apartment with a functional kitchen. Being an Italian, Luca has a flair for cooking but only needs the right groceries. He had his condiments and cheeses with him but needed flour, butter, bread, milk, etc. Using POI Location, he plotted the grocery stores and supermarkets around him. Since they were his potential clients as well, he decided to explore all of them one by one. Thus, when he needed his groceries on an urgent basis, he used to travel to the markets closest to him. When he had time at hand, he would travel to the further ones and also explore the leads along his travel route. Within a month, Luca had majorly covered the North and the West zones of the city and spoken to several leads. He had managed to get 20-25% of them on board at least for a beginners’ program. The products are used to directly reach the client location from the farms in Italy.

Travel hacks of Luca!

Although he was the kid of the family, Luca was also the clever one. He used Route Optimization every day to the optimum. Travel routes to new leads, and potential clients, were all optimized to be shortest in terms of time or distance. The turn-by-turn navigation directions were provided to the driver while Luca took a nap or worked on something. When he cracked 2-3 leads in a common area, her used Proximity Search to find more around that same area and visited them as per availability.

How did he plan his meetings?

Luca, the smarty pants of course used Auto Scheduling to manage daily appointments. He planned weeks in advance and even adjusted the meetings in case of last-minute cancelations or impromptu plans. All of it was reflected seamlessly in his Outlook Calendar and his people in Italy were aware of it all. Moreover, like field reps in his organization in Italy, Luca also used the Real-Time tracking feature on his phone when out. This was more to convince the CEO of the company and his mother, Molly, but it helped in keeping a watchful eye on him and his safety. Luca even planned his Weekend outings around the city and cities nearby using Maplytics on his mobile app.

The adventure turned out fruitful for his company as well as for him as it helped his personality evolve!

What’s More?

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Happy Adventure!