While scrolling through a magazine recently, I came across a somewhat tragic story of an old and popular cheese maker from Italy. His cheese experiments had gripped a town in Southern Italy with delight and happiness and his business was flourishing leaps and bounds. All hell broke loose when the Cheese maker’s son decided to expand their business beyond their town and city and become a national cheese brand. The cheese maker believed in working with his hands but the surge in the number of orders forced him to bring in associates and machines for the job. The standards did not match, his son could not manage the transport across the cities which led to the degradation of cheese and in turn huge losses. With the bills piling up and his father’s health deteriorating the cheese maker’s son had to not just become local again but also sell a major chunk of his business to survive.

Reading this story of local to global and back to local I was quickly reminded of the world-famous E-commerce brand that sells everything from A to Z which was also started locally in a garage but now rules the world over and is giving many high heads a run for their money! The stories are in stark contrast with each other but highlight an extremely important point of survival of businesses in geographically, and culturally diverse landscapes and markets. Whenever businesses expand, a lot of additional factors need to be considered apart from maintaining the quality and quantity of production in check. Transport of the goods safely and in time, considering the cultural and religious beliefs of the regions while naming the products and producing them, planning day-to-day operations in the new areas, building up a trustable team, fighting language barriers, exploring potential new sales regions, and so on become the business pain-points. With modern and improved technology in place, and its increasing application to businesses, management of these pain points has found a ray of hope. Team Maplytics has always encouraged strategized planning and high productivity for businesses across verticals with the unique features of Maplytics. Let us see what’s in store for the diverse business markets.

Maplytics is the 5-star rated, multi-language, preferred, all-inclusive app on the Microsoft AppSource that harnesses the power of locational intelligence to align sales territories, optimize travel routes, track field reps in real-time, and more. The noteworthy features push the users to be organized and global market-ready, always!


Language becomes the first challenge when businesses go beyond the walls of a nation. Though English is the standard business language across the globe not everybody is fluent and comfortable with it. The understanding of work becomes easier when things are explained in the mother tongue. Maplytics currently offers compatibility across 7 different languages. They include English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Turkish, and Arabic. The app easily detects the language of Dynamics 365 and adopts it. The general framework developed to make the app language ready allows easy inclusion of more languages quickly on demand. This language compatibility allows skilled reps and other employees to interact efficiently with proper understanding with their global bosses. Having well-trained local reps, speaking the local language in the local market for a global business is absolutely essential for creating awareness, understanding local demands and views, getting new clients, and establishing a name.

Plotting Local Records

Sitting in the US and deciding upon local vendors supplying fresh tomatoes for ketchup production in Spain sounds like a nightmare. However, with the Dynamics 365 records updated for the local raw material providers, transporters, manufacturing plants, packaging and distributing units, and so on decision making becomes somewhat easy. The user in the US could plot the CRM records over maps specific to the Spanish region he is interested in. He could check out the vendors at a preferred distance from his manufacturing plant. Other categories such as expense, discounts offered, units produced in case of raw material providers, number of vehicles under command in case of transportation specialists, and more can also be checked for the plotted records and decided upon. Quotations can also be requested from the interesting and convenient vendors for further scrutiny after plotting and viewing their records.

Locational Intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Advance Scheduling and Optimization

No business ever grew by sitting inside the four walls of the office. In-person meetings are essential to know the people one is dealing with, trusting, and willing to team up with. Hence, the reps and at times even the managers need to travel to the vendors and other employees in these different states and countries and have a one-on-one appointment with them. With the popular feature of auto-scheduling in place, the meetings can be planned well in advance as per the availability of all the stakeholders involved with the duration and location fixed. The travel routes to these meeting places and client or vendor locations can also be pre-plotted and used. The optimized routes plotted in this manner are traffic-free, toll-free, and time-saving. The sales reps moving around to crack deals with potential new clients can also utilize the features of Auto-Scheduling and Optimized Routing for a planned, punctual, and successful streak of appointments.

Locational Intelligence within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Designing effective Marketing Campaigns

When a popular diaper brand followed the same marketing campaign all over the world, it did not know that it’d fail badly in Japan. The reason being the non-relatability of the Japanese to this common brand story as their cultural belief referred to something else sent waves of awareness across brands. Thus, one shoe does not fit all, and when a product is to be marketed successfully across the globe, the sentiments, beliefs, etc. of the people need to be taken into consideration. Maplytics aids in analyzing local survey results and other collected data thereby helping in understanding the Target Group of the area and their expectations. The campaigns could be designed accordingly.

Overall benefits of Maplytics in diverse markets

With the basic operations taken care of, the businesses function stress-free and are organized and planned at all times. Ad-hoc plans and impromptu changes in the schedules can also be taken in effortlessly. With the basics insured, the management and the employees can focus on growth, productivity, expansion, and ways to tread into newer markets while widening the scope in the existing ones. Maplytics with the power of locational intelligence within Dynamics 365 CRM has a lot of potential and application in market and business growth which is yet to be harnessed. The power of locational intelligence is growing exponentially and Maplytics systematically traps it for strategizing and elevating productivity.

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