While scrolling through the Instagram reels, I stumbled upon a page showcasing the amenities modified in a camper van to accommodate a family of four! There was a makeshift kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, fridge, and everything that a normal home has. All this seemed too cool until I realized that the family had been living like this for four years now! Can you believe it? Living in a van, traveling across the country and even crossing borders, experiencing life everywhere, surviving the forces of nature, finding comfort beyond the comfort of home, and whatnot! But I realize, this is the modern, in-trend way of life, of late. The kids get to study social sciences beyond the walls of a classroom, they see things and learn, their survival instincts become strong, and so on! But hey! Camper Life also needs money to survive, and these camp dwellers carry their office on the wheels and slog hard like any normal office goer but while being on the go.

A Sales Manager who is on a working vacation!

The parents from the Instagram Page that I was going through worked for an Insurance Company and a Chemical Manufacturer. The mom was a Sales Manager and covered the regions they traveled to for expanding her sales territory and fetching new leads. The dad, an engineer was responsible for meeting farmers across the land, collecting data from them regarding their hardships of cultivating various crops, studying the soils, and suggesting ideas for ways to improve the soil. They both connected with their Teams every day virtually and exchanged regular notes. Having pondered further, I realized, Maplytics, the 5-star rated flagship product of Inogic could help multi-folds in this work model. The mom could plot client records on the map within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and use the Radius/ Proximity Search option to fetch the nearest potential clients/ leads. The dad could do the same in finding nearby farmlands. They could auto-schedule their day/s by fixing up appointments in advance, plot their travel routes, and be organized for days to come. The van-dwelling family could thus plan their visits to local National Parks, historic places, famous cafes, museums, etc. too using this schedule as a reference. The compatibility of Maplytics across devices would keep them available to their work teams even while being on the go!

Ever heard of a jewelry business on wheels?

Since life on wheels seemed intriguing, I decided to explore it further and found a popular YouTube Couple. The guy worked for an MNC as a Legal advisor and the girl was a Jewellery Maker! I was mind blown. He received documents and contracts online did the research, brainstormed with his colleagues, etc. from the quiet of his van sitting in the state of his choice. While she stocked up the van with her raw material like threads, chains, beads, pearls, etc., and restocked them from wherever she was traveling. She created those beautiful pieces on the go for the orders she got online. She had an added advantage as she could shoot her promotional material from the most exotic locations while moving around. Maplytics could aid both of them in easing out their unique lives and jobs! He could plot and schedule legal conferences in various regions and attend them during his travel. He could find popular Legal Advisors in his area of travel and visit them for important case/ clause discussions. She, on the other hand, could collect first-hand feedback from a range of jewelry enthusiasts from multiple areas and design her online marketing content accordingly. She could plot nearby jewelry shops, monuments, and fashion streets, visit them, collect inspiration, and ideas, and flourish her business further. Being a foodie couple these YouTubers could put POI Location to maximum use by finding good places to eat out, experimenting with cuisines, by reaching them with precise turn-by-turn navigation directions.

I sell hot dogs, no, not in a restaurant, I have a food truck!

So, while I was neck-deep in reading about van life, YouTube took the opportunity to introduce me to the videos of certain Food Truck owners. Most of us have eaten at popular food trucks at some point in our lives. It is humble, cheap, and quick. But we usually are unaware of the struggles that go behind those truck counters. The video that I relished belonged to a hot dog Food Truck owner. He described how they filled up gas, started early prep, chopping, cutting, marinating, how collected buns, veggies, and meat, and stocked up on other food ingredients in advance. He specified that since he liked experimenting with his market and clients, he was always on the lookout for different areas around offices and residents to meet new people and explore people’s culinary choices. He also mentioned having to travel extra miles to buy cheap ingredients to keep his ROI floating. Finding quick mechanical help was the most important work requirement for him. Here too, I was confident about the Maplytical skills! The map would simply help him explore Land areas, find residential stretches, business center areas, farmers’ markets for ingredients on sale, and so much more. The gas stations, grocery units, mechanics, etc. could all be easily traced and reached out to. Maplytics currently being available in 11 global languages (and more to be added soon) could be used comfortably by his colleagues who weren’t well-versed in English. The Food Truck Owner also mentioned his idea of expansion and I could not help thinking how Maplytics would be profitable for him with his expanded business.

What, what did you just say? Does Maplytics sound profitable for your business too?

Keeping my biases aside, looking at Maplytics helping clients across industries genuinely keeps me fascinated. There is so much to explore about its outstanding unique features and a good trial will help in realizing it! You can write to us at crm@inogic.com  for your mapping queries, a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

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