‘Karma’ has been a trending philosophy for the past few years and individuals and businesses have been inclining towards it. It is not a surprise how the talk of this philosophy wrapped the cut-throat business circles since businesses started getting affected due to constant natural calamities, pandemics, global unrest, impending wars, and so on!

The ultimate goal of businesses has always been towering and exponentially increasing productivity. It meant the rate of production or the highest possible output that could be achieved against investment. Some organizations prioritized ethics over exceptional profits while some had their monetary goals set. However, we now see a major shift where profitability is not measured only in terms of finances or kinds but in terms of intangible concepts such as goodwill, blessings, recommendations, positive reviews, philanthropy, positive vibes, and more!

Some may ask how one measures these concepts or present them on a balance sheet. But many may agree that this form of productivity goes beyond the boundaries of financial measures and are directly responsible for celebrated financial documents! A restaurant in town new or old is widely getting dependent on good reviews and word-of-mouth publicity in this aware world. Even a highly qualified surgical specialist for Oncology gets a patient when he is recommended positively on his online and offline profile by other patients, families, other medical practitioners, medical bloggers, journals, etc. Rewards and recognition from trustworthy, unbiased organizations too are looked up to as possible factors to ultimately trigger the needed productivity.

There are many capitalist, family-run, private businesses in this day and age. But the ones involved in genuine philanthropic work with orphanages, NGOs, old age homes, etc. get respect like no other. It is their way of collecting good Karma for their businesses and also for themselves thereby benefitting society. A simple mom-pop shop around the corner may be selling limited flavors of traditionally made ice cream. However, they might have long queues of people storming their stores because of the positive energy, the happy vibe, and the immense joy with which they might be serving their clients. They may not be aiming at high monetary profits, but their registers might unknowingly be clinking continuously because of the happiness their give! This form of profitability is not a worldly gain but a definite stimulus to it. Hence, it is said, ‘count in blessings, not in miles.’

We at Maplytics, the preferred 5-star rated geo-mapping app of the Microsoft AppSource, prefer to have a balance Business Lifestyle. Over the years we have realized the importance of collecting good karma, giving back to society, helping those in need, and taking everybody together toward success. This philosophy is not only reflected in the long string of loyal, honest clients that we have earned over the years but also in the immaculate business Partners we deal with on an everyday basis who would vouch out for our Partner benefits from Lifetime Partner Programs.

The thoughtfully designed features of Maplytics too have been built up on this philosophy!

The ultimate aim of Route Optimization and Automated Appointment Planning is to schedule the work days for the reps and help them reach the correct meeting locations with minimum travel and in time. This not only helps in slashing the fuel consumption but also avoid the clients from backtracking. The clients are well-scheduled, aware, and well prepared for the meetings. They reach appointments punctually and leave a lasting impression on the clients. This ultimately saves fuel, time, and energy, and makes the clients happy along with the rep. Happy clients make happy businesses. These happy and satisfied clients and partners then put in recommendations for Maplytics with their acquaintances.

Maplytics is currently available in 11 global languages such as English, Arabic, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, and Russian! Thus, any rep using Maplytics need not be well-versed in English. They have the freedom to operate and use Maplytics in the mother tongue or the language they are most comfortable in. This not only gives an ease of use but also gives a feeling of being included. Every rep from every stratum of society and possible educational background can work freely and apply his/her skills efficiently. Field reps without fancy laptops can also use Maplytics comfortably on their mobiles or tablets while being on the go as it is user-friendly and compatible across devices!

A dyslexic client may be amazingly skilled in his job but confused with the numerals present in the CRM data. Maplytics, with its visual representation of the geo-coded CRM data on the Map, could relax his tense muscles, help him analyze the data easily, and utilize it along with his skill to create effective strategies.

The Maplytics product installation is almost a self-service, gets done in less than 30-minutes, and has complete assistance at every stage of the Team. The post-installation services, too, are quick and well-served. This calls for positive reviews and good word of mouth. Assisting and aiding people to make their lives simpler may not be our prime aim, however, doing that as an add-on does contribute to our unseen productivity and that is our accumulation for the future.

We are sure our product features and outlook on business must have intrigued you.

If you too follow or believe in similar philosophies for your business, you too must be hyped about exploring the possibilities with Maplytics.  To learn more about Maplytics, its applications across industries, and other amazing functions, do visit our Website or the Microsoft AppSource. For further details, you can hop on to our BlogsClient Testimonials, and Video Library.

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Happy Mapping!