Every morning you wake up at your fixed time, chug in coffee, dress up to your delight and perhaps zoom out for your choice of work. Sounds normal, right? Now imagine if you were woken up at the wee hours of the morning, given food to eat as per the choice of somebody else, asked to wear a fixed pair of clothes, and forced to contribute towards a job that you hate, would it be enjoyable? Would you feel happy doing things as per someone else’s wishes every day wrapping up your own will in a box and throwing it away? The answer obviously is NO! In the 21st century, we as citizens of the world enjoy the freedom of speech, lifestyle, thinking, actions, etc. to a great extent!

Oxford defines freedom as ‘the right to do or say what you want without anyone stopping you!’ The ability to move, think, and act freely or without restrictions channelizes the right energies and gives a right sense of existence to any human. It is under the freedom that great minds think differently, revolutionary decisions are made, ground-breaking things are discovered, and in general, our existence moves ahead towards progress. With a constant sword of Dos and Don’ts looming on their heads, people’s thinking power is truncated, perspectives and visions face barriers, lives become mundane, and progress comes to a halt. Thus, a sense of freedom is much needed for mankind to bloom and excel.

Freedom is essential for the progress of an individual in his personal life and is also very important in his work life! Imagine working at an established enterprise that controls even the kind of conversations a rep has with the clients while trying to get them on board. Every client is different with unique requirements. Thus, the knack of convincing them to come on board will also be different. One shoe does not fit all and the rep is the best person to gauge it. If the rep is given a set of instructions to be followed for this as well and is micro-managed, not only will it affect the sales conversions but also the rep’s confidence and his will to work freely. This freedom at work is not restricted only to the manner of work but applies to the overall movement of an employee across the office, his mingling with his colleagues, his allotted workspace, his superiors, etc. If his freedom of expressing new ideas is restricted, his and in turn, the enterprise’s growth too shall be hampered.

Considering this necessity of freedom, the features of Maplytics are woven together on the same principle for the field reps, their managers, and the management alike. With the growing importance of location intelligence for escalated business productivity, enterprises are on the lookout for all-inclusive, affordable packages that would help speed up business progress. Maplytics is one such popular, preferred 5- star rated app of the Microsoft AppSource that integrates CRM Records with maps and extracts learnings using location intelligence to align sales territories, optimize travel routes, and schedule appointments in advance for client meets, and more.

Finding your next client

When a sales rep is on the field and gets a client notification about a meeting postponement or cancelation, he can quickly put out the clients around him at a specific radius or travel time and easily fix up a meeting on the go as per his convenience. The rep need not depend on his office colleagues, desktop, or manager to take these actions for him.

Fix a meeting along the route

While traveling to a meeting spot, the rep may have the time to cover up an extra meeting. In such a situation, he may decide to find out the clients on his travel route while still moving and fix up a meeting on the go. The rep isn’t bound by the necessity of heading back to his office and then deciding upon this ad hoc client meeting.

Finding places as per convenience

During a business tour, if the rep feels the need to take up a flight from the nearest airport in order to make it to a meeting on time, he is free to plot the nearby places on the map from his location and redirect his route to the nearest airport. He can also find a convenient café, or restaurant while on the move and request the client to meet him there instead to avoid wasting time in traffic. Where to eat, where to stay, where to take pitstops, etc., all remain the traveling rep’s decisions to be taken.

Check-In and Out from the Location

While entering a meeting at a client location or a meeting venue, the rep has the liberty to check in using his phone. He need not head back to his office to report his attendance and can check out once the meeting is done in the same manner. The rep can continue his travel and the client meets in this manner for days before finally reporting back to the office once the schedule’s completed. The important meeting notes, and attachments, generated during these meetings can also be transferred to the office colleagues while on the move. This freedom enables the rep to work conveniently, and he feels trusted.

Pre-planned Schedules

Pre-planned schedules enable reps to plan their free time for their personal tasks, family time, self-growth, and offer the ability to enjoy a work-life balance

Work in your language

English is often the 2nd or the 3rd language for many reps. They are highly skilled but are restricted because of the language barrier. With Maplytics being a multi-language app, they can freely operate in their local language without compromising on the quality of work.

With the 75th Independence Day of the democracy of India, the origin country of Maplytics right around the corner, Team Maplytics pledges to incorporate the importance of freedom at work for improved output into the product. While celebrating the #FreedomFestival we vow that features of Maplytics too shall be enhanced as per the users’ comfort, solving users’ troubles efficiently, and improved based on users’ suggestions!

The potential of Maplytics and its features when explored well can give the users a feeling of self-reliance. To explore them further, do have a look at our Blogs and Video Library. Also, write us your mapping needs at crm@inogic.com and get a free demo and a Q/A session scheduled especially based on your requirements.

Until then,
Happy Mapping!