New Year comes with a fresh start, inspiration, and motivation, but also a reminder to tally old accounts. As we enter 2023 with renewed energy, let’s review all the key milestones in 2022 and use them as the springboard for growth in 2023.

Maplytics breaking ground in new Industries

The year 2022 saw Maplytics expand its footprint into newer industries.

Research Services

A leading global provider of solutions for critical laboratory applications in analytical laboratory, chemical synthesis, biotechnology, environmental testing, and food processing markets became a prominent customer of Maplytics. The prime features being utilized by them are plotting of records by region, shapes drawn, etc, route optimization, and radius search.

Entertainment Consultants

The entertainment consultants that help generate revenue, drive traffic, and increase tenant sales for their property and retail partners through a comprehensive approach to amusement consulting came on board to use Maplytics for a number of their daily operations.

Solar Electric Power Generation

A leading developer, installer, and operator of community solar and commercial solar energy systems partnered with Maplytics for improved operations and better utilization of location intelligence!

Maplytics has already been quite popular in other industries such as Healthcare, Finance, Construction, Utility, and a lot more.

The year started with a bang and saw the introduction of new features for both core and PowerApps Component Framework (PCF) Controls.

Real-Time Tracking

The real-time tracking feature of Maplytics equips Managers to track their Sales and Service Reps on the field in real time. Managers can view the total travel time, travel distance, scheduled appointments, completed appointments, etc. of on-field Reps and hence improve their accountability. Also, managers can track where their Reps traveled on a specific day while on the field as this feature provides locational data of their past traveled routes.

Multiple Address Support for Entity

With this feature, users can plot CRM records that have multiple addresses in an integrated manner on the map. The Multi-Address Plotting feature allows users to visualize on map, the records present in multiple locations by saving their multiple addresses like billing, shipping addresses, etc. in the CRM.

PCF – Multiple layering on Map

The ‘multi-search layers’ feature of Maplytics takes the data viewing experience of the users to a whole new level. Users can perform multiple searches in detail map control without switching to another page. This allows users to simultaneously visualize their CRM records from multiple searches- by location, by region, and by drawing. ‘Proximity Search’ can be performed for multiple locations at once to compare the number of records present in different regions.

Route to a Record

Finding the best route to a record’s location from the field is an intimidating task for the Field Reps. The ‘Route to a record’ feature allows the Reps to resolve it by directly plotting the optimized route from their current location to a record’s location.

Show Entity image on Hover/Click of Record

Maplytics users can visualize the image of a CRM record on hover and in the tooltip card. The user only needs to add the photo of a person or logo of a company in CRM records in order to use this feature. The users can easily recognize an account while navigating the map, thereby making data analysis easier.

Individual map enhancement

This feature allows users to visualize the record’s location with a pushpin on map within the record’s page itself.

Save Template on Dashboard

Dashboards provide a comprehensive view of Dynamics 365 data for easy analysis. Maplytics users have the privilege to add a template to the dashboard and thereby swiftly perform their CRM activities.

Even as Maplytics users were reaping the benefits of these features, the Fall of 2022 introduced a fresh batch of upgrades and additions.

UI Upgrade of Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM Mobile App

The interface details for the detail map, heat map, Proximity Search display, category filters, tooltip cards, routes, and dashboards are all upgraded to look clean and match the new brand colors on the logo and the website.

View Category donuts in the dashboard

With this update, users can view the categorized data in the form of donuts or donut charts on the respective dashboards. This has helped in having summarized data for quick viewing, precise numbers for targeted presentations and comparisons, Fine Digital/ Pictorial representation of complex data, etc.

Address Autosuggest Control

The users can add this new PCF control on any of the fields with the Data type ‘Single Line of Text’ of the record to view and get auto suggestions of addresses while typing the respective fields. Users can select the required address and get that address auto-filled within the fields.

Multiple Datasource

With this new release, users can select multiple entities using the ‘+’ button. This allows for viewing Dynamics CRM data across Entities in a single view on the map. After selecting multiple entities, users can click on the ‘Search’ button to plot records for the selected entities. This helps to visualize multiple entities on a single map.

With a strong intent to raise the experience for our users even higher, Team Maplytics welcomes you all to 2023! We are always keen to hear from you. You can write to us at  for your mapping queries, to explore the product further, a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

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