Trefor Infrastuktur uses Maplytics to spot the affected station, auto-schedule the required rep to this station, and plot optimized routes to reach ther quickly!

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We enjoy the services of radius searches and route optimizations to decrease the downtime for our customers. As our customers are connected via a network of pipes and wires underground, successfully and efficiently locating the affected station is essential for us. Maplytics provides us with this.

– Nikolaj

About Trefor Infrastructure:

Headquartered in the heart of Jutland, Denmark, Trefor, part of EWII, is a utility company located in the heart of Jutland, Denmark. They supply more than 150,000 customers with heating (gas and electricity), water, electricity, and fiber connections. Trefor employs roughly 470 employees of which approximately 100 are technicians working in the field. In addition to this, they employ external technicians from case to case. In all four utilities, Maplytics is used as an extension to the Field Service solution

Industry: Utility Supply

Specialties: Supply utilities to private homes, offices, and landlords, online service operating info, prompt customer service, and more

Trefor was looking for options to be able to reduce the service downtime for the customers. Their primary concern and the major pain point was to be able to locate the exact affected station and to do it quickly.

Besides this, technician allocation and scheduling were also troublesome for Trefor

Maplytics is an advanced mapping and data visualization tool that provides seamless integration of maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. One of the prime features of Maplytics that is being happily enjoyed by the Trefor group is Radius Search. The valued group of customers is connected with a strong network of underground wires and pipes that supply the utilities of gas, electricity, etc. Whenever there was some trouble at any spot in this network, the customers faced a service downtime. So successfully and efficiently locating the affected station was essential. It is here that Maplytics has helped the Trefor group in locating the exact location of the affected station using the Radius Search feature.

Once the exact location has been spotted, Maplytics helps in plotting an optimized route for the field reps to reach this affected station from wherever they are, using the Route Optimization feature. These routes are the most optimized and the quickest possible routes to the destination avoiding excessive congestion and other obstacles along.

Besides these, the Trefor group also utilizes the Auto Scheduling feature of Maplytics to allocate and create respective travel routes for their technicians whenever a service station gets affected. In this way, they are aware of the whereabouts of their technicians in case they are required urgently for some major service incident. The ones nearest to the point of incident could be summoned immediately by assigning an optimized route. Plotting the stations and getting optimized routes created with color coding of the travel routes for individual technicians is a plus point in auto-scheduling as it’s wiser to view the quick differentiation of the routes for the individual technicians. It further helps Trefor to allocate more technicians if needed to a major service incident location.

Maplytics ensures seamless integration of geo-analytical data with Dynamics 365 CRM and provides thorough analysis considering the geographical factors for statistical Business elevation. The platform has remarkably aided the Trefor Group in searching the affected stations within the proximity, creating and assigning travel routes to the technicians, and allocating more technicians to major incidents and more!

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