With the clock striking Coffee Time, Nina swiftly moved on to the third case-based feature description summary created by Lisa. The comprehensive summary covered a gist of all the features of Maplytics. Feature Series A touched on the working of Territory Management, Land Area Mapping, and Census Data for a few clients. Feature Series B was a story of clients using Auto Scheduling and Route Optimization. Feature Series C was to cover the application of Radius Search and Real Time Tracking! Maplytics is the 5-star rated geo-mapping app of the Microsoft AppSource and Lisa was convinced she needed it for the operations of her company. Thus, the descriptions were a part of the plan to convince her management of the same!

Radius/ Proximity Search with B’Real & Co.

B’Real & Co. is a globally renowned cosmetic brand. The brand invests equally in B2B and B2C marketing and sales. They have dedicated sales reps to visit clients, retailers, spa owners, etc. daily to renew subscriptions, get new clients on board, rekindle old clients, and more!

While their travel plans are pre-scheduled and optimized, with Maplytics, the reps often use a few more unique features to enhance their on-field presence and work. Often the reps of B’Real find themselves reaching too early for a meeting. There are times when they reach a meeting spot and the client cancels or postpones the meeting due to emergencies. Sometimes, the meetings get over before the prescribed time.

In all these situations, with Maplytics on board, the reps have an option of searching and plotting clients nearby on the map and fixing up new meetings with the available ones in their spare time. This is done using the Radius/ Proximity Search. The reps provide their current location using GPS Tracking. Then they add up to 3 values for the radius. These values denote the distance in miles/ kilometers the reps are willing to travel around them at that moment for a fresh new appointment. Some reps also prefer to search clients in terms of the time they are willing to travel around at that moment. In case of multiple clients available, the rep then checks the availability and fixes the appointment.

Maps Integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365

Christopher, a Senior Sales Rep of the cleanser range of B’Real often travels to different cities for sales. He and his manager fix up 5 appointments per day for him. However, Christopher has a habit of extending his working hours by starting early or ending late. Hence, on his way to his first meeting of the day or on his way back to his hotel after the 5th meeting of the day, Chris often uses the feature of Along the Route. Using this, he can plot and view clients and leads that fall along his plotted travel route for the day. Thus, checking client availability, Chris squeezes in an extra meeting along his travel route and tries to be more productive!

Maps Integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

With Point Of Interest Location, the reps at B’Real, using Maplytics easily find cafes, gas stations, restaurants, airports, grocery stores, etc. near a location of their interest as per their requirement. Thus, the 3 features of Maplytics make Field Service more effective for B’Real & Co.

Maps Integration within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Real-time Tracking with Shamsie Marts

Shamsie Marts is a national chain of groceries in North America. They deal in premium brands and unique grocery products. Shamsies offers door-to-door deliveries for loyal clients at premium rates. The deliveries are pre-scheduled for convenience and ease of operation and are carried out optimally taking care of the products being delivered.

Once, Rick, the daily delivery man at Shamsies’ faced an untoward situation when the wheels of his delivery van got stuck in the mud. He did not have a strong network and was unable to give proper directions to his whereabouts. The back office however was fool-proof due to the Real-Time Tracking feature of Maplytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

Using live tracking, they tracked not just his whereabouts but also his travel directions and sent a backup truck moving in the same area, immediately, to help Rick. The perishable groceries were easily transferred to the new truck and were delivered to the clients. Thus, Maplytics acted as a savior for Shamsie Mart. The ability to track and redirect delivery trucks becomes a boon in situations with ad hoc requests, breakdowns, emergencies, and so on.

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With this, Nina completed the 3rd part of the Feature Series by Lisa and laid it down. She was impressed by the efforts taken by Lisa throughout the week and complimented her dedication.

We hope, Lisa can convince her management to sign up, Maplytics!

Until then,

Happy Map Integration!