38%-50% of people around the globe start off the new year with a new resolution. But only 8%-9% successfully follow it for the rest of 364 days! The New Year stats remind me to wish you a very happy 2024! Hope the leap year brings an extra dose of happiness, fortune, health, and smiles into your lives!

Oh, by the way, did you check out a flashback of Maplytics 2023? No? No worries, here it is. Go check out the amazing additions!

Coming back to the shocking stats about the New Year, well, those aren’t our numbers, we read them. Where? On Microsoft Copilot App.

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Microsoft Copilot App? What is it? Is it even legit?

ChatGPT, Copilot, Artificial Intelligence, and OpenAI have all been the talk of the town for the past several months. It is a new phase of technology globally and is widespread. Microsoft Copilot is a product of the same technological revolution! It is a pioneering chat assistant from Microsoft powered by the latest OpenAI models, GPT-4 and DALL·E 3.

These advanced AI technologies provide fast, complex, and precise responses, as well as the ability to create breathtaking visuals from simple text descriptions. By combining the power of GPT-4 with the imaginative capabilities of DALL·E 3, Copilot not only enhances the design workflow but can also enhance creativity to inspiring new heights.

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Key Features of Microsoft Copilot

This versatile AI assistant is useful for boosting productivity

With this amazing AI assistant, one can accomplish work, school, or personal tasks even faster, including:

  1. Drafting emails
  2. Composing stories or scripts
  3. Summarizing complex texts
  4. Multilingual content translation, proofreading, and optimization
  5. Creating personalized travel itineraries
  6. Writing and updating job resumes etc.

Image Creator can transform the design process by quickly creating high-quality visuals from text prompts, and rendering concepts into stunning visuals, from abstract to photorealistic.

Explore an array of design capabilities such as:

  1. Quickly explore new styles and ideas
  2. Curate social media content
  3. Develop brand motifs
  4. Generate logo designs
  5. Create custom backgrounds
  6. Build and update a portfolio
  7. Create illustrations for books
  8. Visualize film and video storyboards

Being the balloon of curiosity that we are, we had to talk to Copilot about us, Maplytics! As we have done this in the past with ChatGPT, Microsoft Bing, and Google’s Bard, we started with some generic ones.

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Maplytics was Copilot’s only answer for a geo-mapping application for Dynamics 365 CRM! How cool, right? Even the smart bot knows there exists no competition.

As location intelligence is the soul of Maplytics and Maplytics is created for insightful utilization of location intelligence, it had to be an obvious next query.

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Copilot did not disappoint this time as well! It was strange but satisfying to see ourselves recommended!

This, we followed up by enquiring about our top 5 questions which our leads often begin their conversations with. The most common one was based on creating sales territories.

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Maplytics makes Territory creation with multiple records easy. The user simply has to upload the record file and ask for the division! Even Copilot knows and appreciates this!

Next, we set to business by asking about leads search! The purpose of running a business is sales and sales needs leads, and finding the ones closest to you is a boon! So, why not?

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Guess, Copilot has used Maplytics to target nearby leads. Otherwise, we wonder how promoting Radius Search was this smooth for it!

Now that we had the leads ready, we targeted a planning app. An unplanned day leads to unfruitful results. So, how does one have a proper schedule?

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

But obviously, Auto Scheduling is the answer. A feature that can not just plan ahead but also plan around the clients’ working hours and plan for recursive meet-ups has to be the chosen pick!

With plans sorted, one needs driving directions to reach the meeting on time and without stress or getting lost.

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Route Optimization to the rescue! Turn-by-turn navigation directions, and visualization of the optimized path on Google Maps, Waze app, and Apple Maps have got the users covered!

Yet another question we often get is about mapping target audience details of a location with the CRM data. All the information is available with Census Data. So, does Copilot know this?

Microsoft Copilot recommends Maplytics

Of course, it does! If Copilot knows then why don’t you?

If you aren’t aware, go try out our trial now! And if you are aware, I hope you are using Maplytics for business excellence!

What’s More?

Maplytics is like water that can be moulded into any role. To get more acquainted and experience it first-hand, one can write to crm@inogic.com To investigate the product further, with a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse get in touch with the Team.

For applied knowledge, do visit our Website or Microsoft AppSource. One can hop on to the detailed BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution.

Until then,

Happy Copiloting!