Dear Jim,

This is in response to your previous mail confirming our reason to rule against your product for the one offered by your competitor. Although the pricing and offerings of both the products were same, our management and user employees were impressed by the disciplined meetings throughout the trial period, the quick call to action, timely responses, and fast problem-solving.
Hope this helps!

Sr. Purchase Head, L&K Infotech

Sometimes, the functionality of your product is not enough to crack a sales deal. It is the way you present them, the way the company gets represented, and the way the product itself can be used as a use case by the sales team to establish its greatness that makes a different and lasting impression. In a world of cutthroat competition, being edgy and different is as important as being classic and functional.

Maplytics, the 5-star rated geo-mapping app of the Microsoft AppSource is a lasting essential for Sales Reps across industries to form a meaningful impact during Sale Meetings and to collect more deals in their kitty. You aren’t convinced? No problem, you will be at the end of this fun ride!

Following a Meeting Calendar

The foremost requirement in meeting a sales lead is knowing when and at what time the meeting is happening well in advance. The time needs to be as per the convenience of all the stakeholders of the meeting and agreed upon by all.

Maplytics offers its Auto Scheduling to accommodate this requirement of a sales meeting. The meetings can be planned in advance, they appear in the Outlook calendars of both the client/lead and the sales rep, their start and end times are prefixed, and they also can be rescheduled in case of an emergency.

In case the client/ lead becomes available all of a sudden, his appointment can be accommodated into the schedule impromptu.

Being punctual for the Meetings

If a sales rep has been allotted a 30 min slot by a lead for a presentation, the rep needs to be able to use all 30 mins efficiently. In case the rep reaches late, loses his route, and then spends a lot of time finding his way back, the lead may cancel the appointment, may reschedule it, may not be willing to extend the time, or the rep may not be able to sell well in a jiffy.

Imagine the impression created on the lead after knowing this unpunctual behavior. But no worries as Maplytics has Route Optimization! With it, all the travel routes can be pre-plotted, can be optimized to be shortest in terms of the time of travel or distance of travel, avoid highways, traffic, and tolls, and can be realigned with more stops. Plus, they come with turn-by-turn navigation directions that can be followed to the t.

Support & Connection with the back office

While the Sales Rep is on the field, in between a meeting, or travel, he may need to send across some quick notes, files, attachments, or instructions from his previous or upcoming meetings. He may want to inform his superiors about him going into a meeting and coming out.

Maplytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM comes to the rescue! Using it, the reps can Check-in and Check-out of the meetings by clicking on the button on their mobile app. Using the same app, they can share notes, and attachments to colleagues in the office and get more information from them.

Making relevant presentations

In a 30-minute presentation, the script selling the product needs to be precise and short. The sales rep cannot waste time in presenting numbers, figures, or words. The relevant information needs to be at their fingertip and quickly accessible.

Well, use the magic of GeoAnalytical Customizable Dashboards then with Maplytics. Various views can be created for Accounts Managers, Sales Reps, Sales Managers, etc. and only the relevant tables are on display. This could include Heat Maps, Land Maps, Census Data, and a lot more which are probably needed to crack the deal!

Accessing data from Anywhere, Anytime

The fast-paced world today has shifted its functionality from desktops to laptops to tablets and mobile phones. The key to scoring over the competition is being available all the time with loaded information. A deal cannot wait if a sales rep is away from his laptop. Thus, having accessibility to all the data and being able to use it quickly at all times is a must.

Maplytics within its Dynamics 365 CRM Mobile App is available across devices from anywhere, anytime! The rep can check out the CRM Records, contacts, leads, clients, etc. while being on a train ride, waiting for a client to arrive, taking a pitstop at a gas station, and every other way possible!

It is a business world of growing possibilities and opportunities. If one wants to be a leader and be able to keep their anxiety in check, befriending Maplytics is a prerequisite!

What’s More?

The unique features of Maplytics could be experienced when explored more with a trial. One can write to the Team at for mapping requirements, a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

To learn more about Maplytics, its applications across industries, and another multitude of features, do visit the Website or the Microsoft AppSource. For further details, one can hop on to the BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution.

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Happy Selling!