“Prevention is better than Cure. So, train your army for it!”

Recently, a friend of mine saw a Karen Show, live and called me up to talk about it! The video probably is all over the internet now, but it was the first Karen of her life and she was excited! So, she was leaving a Target parking lot when she witnessed a commotion and traffic congestion. A lady had parked her car in the paramedics’ parking area and refused to remove it. A paramedic van was reaching the place when a customer inside had a seizure attack. The car owners from nearby parking spots cleared their cars and the paramedics could accommodate them. The quick actions controlled the damage for the seizing customer and the Karen was arrested. She kept arguing that the medics could park anywhere else but did not understand that in cases of medical emergencies, every millisecond mattered and so the parking spots too were reserved.

That lady probably cannot understand the importance of being active and prepared to handle an emergency, but we at Maplytics do. This is the reason why Team Maplytics with its able product has collaborated with Biomedical Research Companies, Dental Health and Trauma prevention projects, assistants to the German Red Cross, and a lot more!

Availing Timely Help

Medical emergencies come without much notice and it has been observed that their effect can be diminished if help is reached in time. To reach the emergency spot quickly, the paramedic vans or ambulances should have proper travel directions, they must be within the vicinity, should get traffic-free roads, and should be provided with proper landmarks.

Maplytics within Dynamics 365 CRM can be used for all this with its brigade of unique features.

Radius Search & POI Location

Before planning the travel, identifying the destination and the pitstops in between is essential. Identifying areas prone to emergencies is the first step. People often get injured on traffic-heavy roads, near schools, in recreational places where too many people can be found together, and at sports centers and gyms. The nearest hospitals or healthcare centers near these locations need to be made a note of. With Radius/ Proximity Search, such places along with blood banks, oxygen banks, doctor’s residential areas, pharmacies, etc. can be plotted on the map with customized pushpins. The visualization helps in planning the next steps effectively. Point Of Interest Location can be used to identify and plot nearby landmarks to both accident-prone regions and the medical facilities. These would help direct the ambulances.

Route Optimization

Establishing travel routes is done with this feature. With the origins, pitstops, and destinations being categorically sorted, we can move on to plot the travel routes. The routes plotted in this manner are traffic-free, toll-free, and avoid highways. These are the shortest in terms of time or distance and can be projected on Apple Maps, Waze App, or Google Maps. Thus, ambulance drivers can use them easily. Maplytics being available in 11 global languages, drives from different faces of the globe with different first languages can use these directions easily. To add to it, turn-by-turn travel directions reflecting the maps are also available. These can even be printed and emailed. Knowing roads from accident-prone areas to the nearest health resorts is the first step to availing timely help!

These plotting and optimized routes make a foolproof plan for the paramedics and the drivers throughout the city.

Winning by being preventive

Previous medical emergencies generate a lot of data. This data can be studied using Heat Maps and Census Data Mapping. The rate of accidents in the accident-prone areas, likely time slots, frequencies of traffic, etc. can all be studied and viewed on the map. Once done, better placements of paramedics can be arranged. An ambulance can be kept ready at all times if needed. With Auto Scheduling, vigilance rounds can be scheduled to keep a watch in the areas at effective timeslots. Regular checks hurt none!

Real-Time tracking of the ambulances and the paramedics can also help in tracing their travels and redirecting them to places where no help is available. If a van carrying a patient faces a technical fault, the location can be tracked in real-time and another van could be sent for help. Territory Management can also be applied in big cities with dense populations. The paramedics could be divided and assigned territories to take care of. Thus, we see, that several measures can be applied to nip troubles in the bud and save lives.

To learn about the depth of application of Maplytics across the healthcare industry, refer to the industry solutions page.

What’s More?

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