It has been two weeks since this episode. I had been to a Summer themed exhibition in a well-to-do part of the city. Being Summer themed, all the small and medium scale sellers had got summery things from clothes to beverages, to food items, to fruits, to snacks, and so on to the table. After spending a few hours and a lot of cash at the place, I settled into my cab and started leaving. That’s when a tap at the window grabbed my attention to this lady who I’d purchased a few goodies from. On rolling down the window I got to know that she had to reach someplace urgently which was falling en-route my destination and her car had a puncture. I quickly offered her a lift and we left.

As we began chatting, I got to know that she actually was a successful and sharp businesswoman. Her grandfather had left her acres of mango farms at their native place and she had converted the traditional business of mango trading into an admirable enterprise involving a variety of activities. She was into international export of mangoes, local and regional trading, manufacturing of jams, jellies, pickles, etc out of the mangoes, pulps, juices, and whatnot. I was beginning to get super impressed when she casually mentioned her social media pages where she posted recipes revolving around mangoes. The count on all of her pages legit had an influencer status and I was awestruck. Apart from this, she was also a working mother and a homemaker. She had a number of activities going on in life and was losing out on managing all the sections of her life systematically.

Having sympathized with the lemons of her life, we moved on to discuss my life, job profile, etc. We were blessed by tremendous traffic that day and all of this simply made me think, with so many activities and so many employees under her umbrella, can Maplytics help this Mango Businesswomen?!

Maplytics is a preferred, 5 star rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse. It empowers users across verticals with a visual representation of geo-coded data, creating optimized routes, automatic scheduling of appointments, Radius Search for nearby clients, sales Territory defining, and so on by enhancing their sales and other business processes.

The most important and troublesome task for the business was the transport of the packaged mangoes and products. With the involvement of Maplytics, a proper schedule of the mass transport of the goods could be chalked out. The appointment planning feature could help in scheduling the deliveries region-wise, distance-wise, or however desired with the date and time specifications in place. Such schedules could avoid decaying and wastage of the fruit during longer transport hours too. Every year, new distributors get added to the business. Hence, finding smart routes to their delivery places that avoid traffic, tolls, roadblocks, etc. becomes a task. To avoid unnecessary detours for the trucks, optimized routes could be plotted and the turn-by-turn navigation steps could be followed by the delivery trucks. This would help in punctual and quality deliveries.

These mango and other product-carrying trucks too could be monitored for their whereabouts while being in transit. Their routes followed could be tracked in real-time and any detours visible or unexpected hurdles witnessed could be looked out for from the main office. While the mangoes are being delivered, any ad-hoc orders too could be satisfied for the demands along the route scheduled for deliveries. The delivery guys could also be provided with some extra sets of packaged mangoes and other products. In case the scheduled deliveries are done in time, they could use the radius search option and find nearby potential distributors, market shops, or other such places within concentric circles of specific radii and sell these extra products there. The delivery drivers could also search for refreshments for themselves and for the delivery trucks in terms of restaurants, gas stations, etc. using the Point of Interest Location feature.

While scheduling the delivery appointments, the distributors with multiple addresses in the same area could be plotted over the map using the multi-address feature. The deliveries could be scheduled for such distributors on the same day. In case the distributor stores in an area have common names, the pushpins of the stores associated with the record on the map could be hovered upon and the store image could be visualized for confirmation. The packaging and printing material evolve every year and require good designer and printer options.

 Maplytics could help business people to find relevant designer, and printer options in convenient areas and ask for quotations before shortlisting them. The mango lady even mentioned community helping and how she collects the mango produce from small farms, helps them sell, and gives them their profit share. If records are created properly within CRM, many such farms could be plotted and targeted in the nearby regions and involved in this community activity.

Marketing is the backbone of any developing business venture and seasonal food sells like hotcakes if presented well. Mini marketing campaigns could be conducted for our mango business for the already popular social media pages. Since it is majorly a B2B business, the distributors and wholesalers in new territories could be observed and marketing plans could be designed specifically as per their taste. Maplytics could also be used to summarize the yearly revenue. The amounts collected from different sales territories, region-wise, product-wise, and more could be visualized in a summarized manner over the maps. Symbolic visualization makes analysis quicker and easier.

The lady also mentioned having to deal with international distributors in case of exported products. To which the multi-language nature of the app seemed perfect for locals on both sides to deal with all the order reception, tracking, supplying, etc. Towards the end of our journey, the superwoman seemed mighty impressed by Maplytics and its potential application in her business. She was excited about exploring the auto-scheduling option for her social media recipe videos where she was thinking of inviting special guests every week for an added flavor to her videos. She even reminisced how Maplytics could be utilized to the core for many other small and medium scale businesses like hers across verticals for organized operations and channelized growth. I was almost sure I had an affirmative lead at hand then.

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