“Every closed door opens a new one at the right place”- a wise human!

The exit of Microsoft MapPoint Software from the geo-mapping community opened the opportunity to experience Maplytics, the flagship product of Inogic!

What is the story of MapPoint?

Microsoft MapPoint is a discontinued software program and service created by Microsoft that allowed users to view, edit and integrate maps. The software and technology were designed to facilitate the geographical visualization and analysis of either included data or custom data.

MapPoint was first released in 1999 and grew its feature set over the next 14 years releasing its final version (v19) in 2013. Microsoft officially discontinued MapPoint on December 31st, 2014, and stopped supporting the software shortly after that.

Since then, Maplytics has been the preferred alternative app for CRM Data mapping, visualization, and more!

How is Maplytics an apt replacement for MapPoint?

Data Integration & Visualization

Maplytics, the 5-star rated app of the Microsoft AppSource seamlessly integrates Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps) with Bing Maps. That means a record entered in the CRM gets plotted on the map using its geo-spatial coordinates and can be easily visualized there. This avoids the trouble of mapping data from various sources including Microsoft Excel and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) which formed the basis of MapPoint. The mapped CRM Records can be visualized on the map with categorized pushpins. Pushpins can also be customized to represent the records it stands for, aptly!

A provision is also made in Maplytics to map data from an Excel, a Shapefile, or an ArcGIS Feature Layer by Esri as per special client requirements.

Territory Management

Maplytics auto-assigns all the records to an existing sales territory with flexibility for edits. The territories too can be altered later to become more balanced. Thus, the job that took days with MapPoint can be done within a few hours with Maplytics.

The territories can be created based on countries, regions, postal codes, or by shape drawing on the map using tools. They can also be extracted from Shapefiles.

Replacing Microsoft Streets and Trips

MapPoint worked with its companion, Microsoft Streets, and Trips which was also discontinued with MapPoint. Microsoft Streets & Trips, also known as Microsoft AutoRoute targeted the average consumer to do a variety of map-related tasks in the North American region of the United States, Canada, and Mexico, such as route planning.

Maplytics is the uncontested MapPoint upgrade here as well with its ability to pre-plan appointment schedules for the field representatives, plot optimized travel routes to these appointments, and print or email turn-by-turn navigation directions for the same.

The plotted routes can be visualized in 3 dimensions and saved for future use. Maplytics enhances the Street Trip experience further by providing a continuous helpline with Real-Time Tracking. The tracked routes can also be saved for future use. The field technicians can search for places such as cafes, gas stations, hospitals, etc. if required while on the street using Maplytics. Leads can be plotted within the Proximity using the Radius Search feature. The field reps can check in and out of business meetings from the locations themselves and provide a meeting report, and attachments over the phone with Maplytics.

Nothing else can be a suitable alternative!

Does Microsoft recommend Maplytics?

Maplytics has been among the top 5 in Microsoft’s list of best MapPoint Alternatives. Whether it is its ability to enhance Field Services, provide dashboard customizations, be compatible across devices, or be operable in 10+ global languages, Maplytics has been the ultimate solution!

Maplytics justifies its status as the Leading Microsoft MapPoint Alternative!

Improve business Productivity with Maplytics

Apart from this, there are a host of unique offerings of Maplytics that empower businesses with location intelligence. There are Heat Maps to better read, present, and analyze data. Land Areas can be mapped to gauge their category of being residential, water body, agricultural land, etc. The Area of Service of an organization can be defined. Census Data of a region can be mapped and visualized to analyze the demographics of the region. Records can be plotted and visualized in multiple ways and so on!

Maplytics is indeed the best MapPoint Replacement!

What’s More?

Maplytics is equipped with many outstanding features and a proper trial will help you to see the potential within! You can write to us at crm@inogic.com for your mapping requirements, a free trial of 15 days, or a personalized demo within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse.

To learn more about Maplytics, its applications across industries, and another multitude of features, do visit our Website or the Microsoft AppSource. For further details, you can hop on to our BlogsClient TestimonialsSuccess StoriesIndustry Applications, and Video Library for a quick query resolution.

Until then,

Happy Mapping!