There are users who don’t want to provision Dynamics 365 CRM because of its extensive functionalities but are in dire need of using Maplytics. We have designed, implemented and deployed Maplytics on PowerApps for these users. PowerApps is low-code development platform for citizen developers with minimal technical development capabilities. It adapts an agile methodology and is more declarative in its approach. In PowerApps, you can just drag and drop modules and an application is built with no compromise on quality and security.

Large organizations require building powerful apps that are multifunctional and not complex in nature. Using PowerApps you can achieve this business requirement by simple configuration. Maplytics is also developed to run on PowerApps in cross-platform. There is great control over pixels and an easy to view UI with amazing graphics. This is a high-productivity low-code approach to build smarter applications that can be used in its optimal functionality as that in Dynamics 365 CRM. This is a boon for the users who work outside of Dynamics 365 CRM.

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