Targeted Locational Marketing

Expand business locations with Targeted Marketing

Develop a systematic business strategy with proper locational awareness in terms of routes,nearby locations, target clients, and so on

Targeted Locational Marketing

Targeted marketing along with Personalization and Localization are the two primary key metrics for Marketing Teams looking to maximizing their Return on Investment in marketing budget. With the digital transformation powered by business applications like Microsoft Dynamics CRM, organizations are coming up with more personalized and targeted marketing strategies. Maplytics™ is such a mapping solution for Dynamics CRM/365 designed for the next generation of marketers!

Marketing Teams can utilize the powerful Detail Map in Maplytics to visualize and analyze the density in particular target area, building up great demographically filtered localized marketing list. In the case of Conferences, Training, Marketing Campaigns or other similar On-Site Marketing Events, the Marketing Team can locate the ideal Auditorium, Hotel or Location for the Commercialized Event closest to all the targeted list of persons using the Point of Interest search in Maplytics.

Maplytics™ is power packed with features to help perform the most effective targeted locational marketing in Dynamics 365 by reaching the target prospects. It contributes to planning events by providing actionable insights about the concentration of Prospects (Leads, Accounts, Contacts or any custom entity) and finding the optimal location based on convenience of the Prospects.

Maplytics is one of the best geo-analytical apps for Dynamics CRM and is integrated with the Proximity Search which allows finding the right target Customers within the particular geographic area. It also allows sorting based on categories like Rating, Status, and Job Title. Marketing Team can save the search results as Dynamics 365 view and build targeted marketing list that can also be exported as an Excel Sheet.

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