Some days ago, I was at a café, waiting for a friend when an interesting conversation from a table next to me grabbed my attention. It was a happy group of friends who were discussing coffee. Now, discussing coffee, at a café, seems pretty obvious right! But the conversation moved from the types of coffees to the zodiac signs that could be associated with them. One of the girls mentioned how boring a shot of black coffee is to which her friend said, it is old school and the purest form. At this point, I was chasing a deadline for a blog on a very different topic of data analytics within Dynamics 365 CRM. Thus, I was writing about Maplytics, a package to inculcate geo-analytics within CRM Data but listening to stories of zodiac signs! Sounds like chalk and cheese, right?! However, the conversation was getting too intense to ignore.  The friend quickly added how the shot resembles Virgos and described how they are modern thinkers following traditional values. How they are thoughtful about domestic issues and so on. A boy from the group then went ahead to associate a mocha Frappuccino with Sagittarius stating it is expensive, has a lot of ingredients, and becomes habitual, easily.

While enjoying all this, I started deducing my calculation out of the discussion. My laptop soon seemed like an intelligent, advanced Aquarius to me. The tissue paper lying on the table resembled empathetic Pieces that understand the pain of spilled coffee. My imagination kept pacing and soon landed on the screen of my laptop that was flashing my incomplete blog! Boom! If everything has a sun sign associated with it, what could be the sun signs of Dynamics 365 CRM, Maplytics, and all the features of Maplytics? My heart and mind wanted to decipher it together.

Maplytics is a preferred, 5 star rated geo-analytical mapping app on the Microsoft AppSource for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse. It empowers users across verticals with a visual representation of geo-coded data, creating optimized routes, automatic scheduling of appointments, Radius Search for nearby clients, sales Territory defining, and so on by enhancing their sales and other business processes. It is thus powerful, authoritative, and a leader in the business. Maybe a leading Aries!

One of the most troublesome situations for a field rep is when his meeting gets cancelled or postponed. However, like a Scorpio, which is great at getting things done in his favour and dousing a crux situation, the popular features of Maplytics, Along the Route, and Radius/ Proximity Search help the rep in finding another suitable Client within the region or along the travel route. The rep can thus, re-organize his meeting and utilize the time available optimally. If one needs to plan an event, a week-long trip, or one’s life goals, one can blindly trust a Capricorn with the same. All the details would be deciphered, and written down to the ‘T’. The feature of Optimized Routing is definitely a Capricorn. Travel routes for Field Trips and other Business Travels are best organized and planned by the feature of Optimized Routing only. The trips become fruitful, time-saving, and punctual!

Skilled reps in different countries often face language barriers while dealing with global bosses and clients. Hence, inspite of being extremely experienced and skilled, employment opportunities come hard for such reps. Just like Libra, the multilingual aspect of Maplytics listens and understands this problem and thus provides the multi-language feature that allows all the reps to operate the app in their preferred languages thereby being connected with all the stakeholders comfortably. A Piscean listens and understands things very well and acts accordingly. The personalization feature of Maplytics, understands the requirements of the users in a similar manner and offers personalized views, dashboards, etc. according to the Business requirements.

A holier than though Aries is an expert at finding workarounds amidst the chaos. This sounds like a perfect zodiac for the feature of Auto-Scheduling. It helps in planning and scheduling all the appointments in a proper synchronized manner and prevents them from being a chaotic mess.
A Leo is a great presenter with awesome public speaking skills. Thus, explaining any idea creatively comes naturally to them. When I look at the Detail Map and the Heat Map Features of Maplytics, I’m reminded of Leo as the CRM Records, the sales details, and other such deductions are beautifully represented using them.

Studying Sun signs and associating their characteristics with humans and other things in the nature is an on-going, popular trend. At times it truly seems interesting and on-point but sometimes it can be laughed at and enjoyed as good humor. Do let us know how fitting you find these allotted Zodiac Signs with the features mentioned above. We could even do a take two with the remaining interesting features of Maplytics and dig deeper into the topic!

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