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Never Miss any appointment

Never Miss any appointment

February 8, 2019


A well-structured and well-planned appointment schedule can lead you towards long terms success, growth, and development of your business. To enhance the Sales Productivity and Performance, it is crucial for Sales Reps to focus on the most important Meetings and make the most out of the few hours they have at hand. Organizations with successful implementation of customer relationship management application like Dynamics 365 in their business processes need a comprehensive appointment planner to allow their teams to plan and manage their meetings with actionable visualization of those appointments to further facilitate better decision making.

Maplytics™ is one such mapping solution with enhanced appointment planning capabilities in addition to the core functionality of visualization of MS Dynamics CRM data on a map. Maplytics is a robust Appointment Planner that provides a birds-eye view of all the planned appointments right on the Analytics Dashboard in Dynamics CRM. Sales Managers can use the Analytical Dashboard to manage and assign necessary appointments to Sales Reps without leaving Dynamics 365!

Sales Reps can productively use the powerful appointment planning functionality to schedule, manage appointments directly on a map. Sales Reps can take their meeting planning forward by creating optimized routes to handle those assignments. Maplytics utilizes the power of Bing Maps to deliver locational intelligence with geo-analytical routing and planning to augment better mobility.

Seamless integration between Dynamics CRM and Bing Maps enables Sales Teams to focus on the most important appointments and create optimized routes (time and distance based optimization) to maximize their coverage in the minimum amount of time! With Maplytics, an Organization can improve their customer relationship by empowering their teams to deliver the best Sales and Service experience. Maplytics helps organizations to optimize their teams for maximum Sales productivity!