Barrette Outdoor Living uses Maplytics to organize the schedules of their field reps, manage their travel routes, create custom sales territories with shared Templates, and a lot more!

Barrette Outdoor Living Success Stories

“Our Sales Reps are using Route Planning all the time to build routes, and plan their sales visits, and it is a very integral part of why we chose Maplytics. Not only the quality of the meetings with external folks was better with Appointment Scheduling but also internally the management team got to plan the product releases better”

– Amanda Parks, CRM Admin, Barrette Outdoor Living


About Barrette Outdoor Living:

Barrette Outdoor Living is a leading manufacturer of fencing, railing, decking, and complementary outdoor products in North America and Canada. Barrette Outdoor Living empowers homeowners to embrace their Outside Side in bringing their outdoor spaces to life with its diverse, durable, and sustainable product lines. Utilizing more than 70 patents, proprietary state-of-the-art machinery, and rigorous testing and control standards, Barrette Outdoor Living products are meticulously engineered and designed to ensure flexibility and ease of installation.

Industry – Manufacturing

Specialties – Barrette Outdoor Living specializes in Fencing and Gates, Decking, Railing, Decorative Accents, Lawn, Garden, and Hardware

The common Business Challenges faced by Barrette Outdoor Living included-

    • Finding an able replacement for Microsoft MapPoint that was compatible with Dynamics 365 CRM
    • Being able to view location-based inventory stocking and demand and sales analysis, graphically
    • Adopting an application that assisted the sales reps and managers equally

Maplytics is an advanced, in-demand geo-mapping and data visualization app of the Microsoft AppSource that offers seamless integration of maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. One of the prime features of Maplytics that is helpful for Barrette Outdoor Living is the plotting and visualization of CRM records over the map. Using this feature, the reps and the managers can view their clients, leads, potential clients, suppliers, etc. on the map at their locations.

Territory Management is the next feature that is most used by the Maplytics users at Barrette Outdoor Living. It not only helps in creating sales territories to be assigned to the reps but also helps with tailored access to private templates. Team Maplytics assisted the organization in being able to share privately created templates along with the public ones.

The day-to-day meetings and activities of the sales reps are planned with Auto Scheduling and reflected in their calendars with access to their Managers. This helps in proper communication with minimum calling. With the on-field activities preplanned, time can be allotted easily for internal activities, meetings, etc. as well.

The Sales Reps at the organization use Route Optimization every day. Their meeting routes are optimized, toll-free, and avoid traffic. They can view them on Google Maps/ Waze App/ Apple Maps at their convenience. Even if a rep has a 14–16-hour day with excessive traveling, he gets to utilize complete appointment duration, gets sufficient time with the client, and is punctual for the next meeting. The rep is stress-free with travel directions in place. This helps the sales reps accommodate more meetings in a day and conduct quality meetings at all locations. The Sales Reps save their travel routes for the next visits. This becomes helpful when a rep from a different territory is traveling in a territory for meetings to help the assigned rep. These routes, saved as activities are seamlessly used by them for navigation.

Using Heat Maps has helped Maplytics users at Barrette Outdoor Living in being able to view the locations with good demand for their goods, and regions with good sales and also analyze the locations where inventory needs to be refilled as per heavy demand, graphically.

The fact that the installation and implementation process of Maplytics is quick, easy, and guided at all stages has also made it favorable for Barrette Outdoor Living!

Barrette Outdoor Living thus, enjoys the perks of Data Visualization, Territory Management, Heat Maps, Route Optimization, and much more using Maplytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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