Care for the Family utilized Data Visualization, Route Optimization, and Marketing Lists to organize funding events!

Care for the Family Success Story

Care for the Family has been successful in inviting unique candidates for their funding events using the Drive Time Zone option of Maplytics!

Paddy Doyle

About Care for the Family:

Care for the Family is a national charity that aims to promote a strong family life and to help those who face family difficulties. Care for the Family provides a wide range of support in three key areas of family life – Couples, Parenting, and Bereavement. Care for the Family aims to resource family life across the UK with Courses, books events, and more. The charity supports families going through tough times.  Care for the Family has over 80 employees, supported by many volunteers across the UK.

Industry: Charity

Specialties: Marriage counseling, Parenting Courses, Bereavement Support, and more

The common Business Challenges faced by Care for the Family included-

    • Marketing events to people in an area so that local people can access support.
    • Finding a tool to analyze the location and geography of our supporters to provide support in the right areas of the UK
    • Visualising our Supporters in terms of geography

Maplytics is an advanced, in-demand geo-mapping and data visualization app of the Microsoft AppSource that offers seamless integration of maps with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. The prime features of Maplytics that are helpful for Care for the Family are –

  • Visual Representation: Maplytics provides an intuitive map interface where one can easily view the locations of both the service providers and consumers. With tooltip cards and a data grid view, accessing detailed information is seamless for the users at Care for the Family. They also categorize and filter data directly from the grid for better organization.
  • Routing and Distance Calculation: For efficient navigation and distance calculations, Maplytics offers proximity-based search and routing functionalities. It simplifies the process of optimizing service routes and calculating distances between locations. The users at the organization want to travel within specific regions that lie within a certain travel time, they use the option of Drive Time Zone and visualize the regions of the records within that travel time. The charity also organizes a lot of funding events inviting clients registered in their CRM. Using the Drive Time Zone option, they ensure that the candidates invited are unique for each location.
  • Marketing List for Communication: Care for the Family makes use of the Marketing List option of Maplytics to send relevant promotional content and invites collectively to a selected group of clients.

Care for the Family thus, enjoys the perks of Data Visualization, Marketing List, and much more using Maplytics within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM.

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